32 Creepy Pick Up Lines That You Should Never Use

Who can deny the power of a great pick up line? It can either pave your way to a successful date or get you a nice hot slap from the girl that will keep ringing in your ear till eternity. While these pick up lines are known to be on a special diet of cheap and extra creamy stuff that is guaranteed to give you a heart attack, you can’t deny what a genius they can prove to be. So, though creepy but high on fun quotient, these one-liners are something to read and enjoy. But BEWARE!! Don’t dare use them in real life, unless of course, you share a special bond with hospital beds.
1. Come chutney, spice up my life.
2. Baby we go together like daal and rice😉
3. Didn’t your parents tell you? We were engaged when we were kids.
4. Can I borrow a rupee? I promised my amma I’d call her when I found the woman am going to marry.
5. Baby, you’re hotter than garaam garaam chai.
6. Hi I’m vada. Let me get between your pav.
7. Tumhari aur meri kundali ke poore 36 gun milte hai.
8. I don’t want jalebis or gulab jamans… neither of them are as sweet as you!
9. Boy: Aapka naam kya hai? Girl: Kyu batau? Boy: Humaari shaadi ke card pe chapvana hai.
10. You are like rice and curry… I could eat you all day.
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11. Girlfriend ban ja meri, tera phone recharge karata rahunga by god.
12. That’s a nice sari. Can I talk you out of it?
13. Dating me would be like being in an auto-rickshaw on a potholed road – one hell of a ride!
14. You must be pani because you made my life puri.
15. “You’re so pretty, your tag says “Made in Fursat”.
16. Hey Baby, Is your dad a halwai because you’re as sweet as mithai.
17. Do you eat a lot of pizzas? Because tu cheese badi hai mast mast.
18. Awww is your hand hurting baby? Because you’ve been making rotiyaan in my mind alllllll dayyyyyyyy long in my kitchen.
19. Baby, you’ll be swacch off your feet with me.
20. Our relationship is so strong, it would survive a season of Bigg Boss.
21. Mai tere pyaar mai itna ho gaya vella…. Main tera Edward tu meri Bella
22. Aaja meri gaadi mein baith ja.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
23. I promise, you won’t be sari for going out with me.
24. My life without you is like samosa without aaloo.
25. I want to make you feel like the Ganges.. Wet, dirty, and constantly moving.
26. Girl, were you born on Diwali? Because you are a patakha!
27. I want to Nach Baliye with you.
28. I’m addicted to you like a papa ji to chai.
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29. What’s your address girl? I’ll send mom to your ghar with the rishta.
30. If I were a tabla, I’d let you bang me all night long.
31. When I look at you… kuch kuch hota hai.
32. You are the one who puts a hot desi in desirable.
image source/ Reliance Entertainment// Featured Image Source/ Yash Raj Films
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