43 Things That Make Him Say ‘I Love You Even Though..’

There are so many things that a guy needs to say to his girl. No, not so much only lovey dovey sort of things… For if he doesn’t, the girl automatically makes him coo them… So, that’s not entirely the problem. It is the things that make the guy’s eye twitch or make him want to bang his head on the wall, where the problem lies… And yeah, you guessed it right these are all those things that even though guy could very happily live without, yet makes him stay for he loves you…
1. I love you even though you you keep on chattering all through the movie and later when you do realize its something to watch, ask me what happened till now.
2. I love you even though you dictate to me every single thing slowly and over and over again as if you were training a dog.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
3. I love you even though you ask me ‘pakka’ a minimum of 4-5 times even when I tell you ‘you look great’.
4. I love you even though you selectively remember every single fight we ever had or every mistake I ever committed but forget the time when you ‘accidentally’ broke my phone in anger.
5. I love you even though you make me wait for at least an hour even if I reach half an hour post the scheduled time to pick you up only because I know you so well.
6. I love you even though you dress up as if we are going to a wedding even though its just to the pas wala thela to have some golgappas.
image source/ Dharma Productions
7. I love you even though you tell me to do something but do it yourself before even letting me try, only because you ‘trust’ I’ll either forget it or definitely mess it up.
8. I love you even though you try at least 7 different dresses but end up buying the first one you tried at the mall.
9. I love you even though you drag me on a Saturday to see a movie or sip coffee at CCD when all I want is to be at home and watch TV.
image sourceDharma Productions
10. I love you even though you list out all my faults and mistakes as the never ending grocery list, owing to the ‘transparency and understanding’ that should be in our relationship but become defensive when I convey the first one on mine.
11. I love you even though you ask me what I’m thinking and no matter what I reply, always get mad in return.
12. I love you even though you literally get green with jealousy with all my female friends even though you admit it to be silly in your occasional sane moments.
image source/ Sony Entertainment Television (India)
13. I love you even though you are actually hopeless at driving but call me prejudiced when I don’t let you drive.
14. I love you even though you don’t relate to my undying love for football and get mad when I cancel our date to watch a match.
15. I love you even though you clearly do not like one or two of my friends.
image source/ Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment- Eros Entertainment
16. I love you even though you say ‘I’m hungry’ but get mad and don’t eat when I say I won’t share since I’m already full.
17. I love you even though you tell me you want to talk about something but keep on saying ‘Nothing’ when we actually get down to talk.
18. I love you even though you get obsessed at finding the perfect shade of red nail paint and browse through every cosmetic shop in the city to find that.
image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.
19. I love you even though you take me even to your dentist.
20. I love you even though you are no good when it comes to understanding what I do for a living.
21. I love you even though you get stuck on the degree of ‘cuteness’ of a gadget than its actual usability. Yes you do that, don’t deny.
image source/ Eros International
22. I love you even though every time you insist on cooking for me, end up burning then crying and us getting ’30 minutes nahin toh free’ pizza for dinner.
23. I love you even though you text me ‘who are you out with’ when I’m hanging out with my other  friends.
24. I love you even though you call some actor from a movie ‘sexy’ but when I say an actress is hot, you give me that cold stare.
image source/ Trimurti Films
25. I love you even though you reply ‘I’m fine’ even though you are clearly sad or worse annoyed.
26. I love you even though you make me do things I don’t want to by making those extremely cute puppy eyes.
image source/ Eros International Media Ltd.
27. I love you even though my mom has practically started loving you more than me.
28. I love you even though you wear high heels for a party and then keep leaning on me all through the evening because you are uncomfortable.
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures
29. I love you even though you go into novel worthy details and multilevel stories that stretch for half an hour when you were supposed to give me just a one word update for who called.
30. I love you even though you ruffle my hair and pull my cheek.
image source
31. I love you even though you tell your girl friends about all our private issues.
32. I love you even though you are strangely obsessed with taking your selfies and change your profile pics every week.
33. I love you even though you call me at night even after we spent the whole day together.
image source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures
34. I love you even though you pick my phone and read my chats.
35. I love you even though you expect me to decode ‘I’m having headache. Going to bed.’ to ‘I’m seriously upset and I want you to talk to me and make me feel better’.
36. I love you even though you say ‘All men are the same’ even though they are not. I’m as much different from other guys as you may be from other girls.
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures
37. I love you even though you find different and newer ways to spend time together or make DIY gifts for me and leave me sweating and worrying what I should do for you.
38.  I love you even though when I cancel our date, you assume I am upset with you while all I wanted was to stretch a bit, break my knuckles and sleep through the day.
39. I love you even though you take an hour to decide what to order from a 10 items menu campus cafe.
image source/ AA Films
40. I love you even though you get mad at me when your phone gets busy since 11:30 on the night of your birthday and I’m not able to wish you first.
41. I love you even though you start crying each time you think you are about to lose in an argument.
42. But in the end, I love you even though I get annoyed with you for all these silly stuff but still just cannot do without you…. Even though I’m bad at expressing that. I simply Love You.
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures
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