5 Different Looks For 5 Different Dates

We all get pretty excited when we have to go for a date with our beaus but when it comes to deciding our look for the day we all get stumped! First, as soon as we open the door of our wardrobes, there’s nothing good to wear and second, if we do find something wearable, we can’t put our fingers on what kind of make up should we do to suit the time and occasion! What a mess! But don’t worry, we have here 5 great date looks perfect for 5 totally different dates you may be heading for. So, glam up girls!

1. Cozy Date At Home

This is the coolest… You make your face up and still don’t feel like made up! Start with your cleansing ritual and then cover your face with a very light tinted moisturizer or CC cream, whatever that works for you. Now use the natural shades of eye shadow with little to no shimmer in it to accentuate your eyes. Use a clear mascara for that dramatic yet subtle eyes and apply a tinted lip balm on your lips. Finish your look by gently ruffling your hair. You can either leave them loose as is or prep them with a cute headband. Now get into your cutest pajamas for a cozy movie night.
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image source/ Dharma Productions- Yash Raj Films

2. Romantic Candle Light Dinner

A candle light dinner date though cliched, is undoubtedly the most romantic date of all, so you of course need to look your best. Start with preparing your face with cleaning and priming ritual. Then apply copper eyeshadow all over your eyelids. Contour the sockets with a matte brown shade and a lighter bronze color near the tear ducts. Line your eyes using kohl and lightly smudge it on the lower eye lash line. Use a gel eyeliner and mascara to finish with the eyes. On your lips, apply a pinkish nude lip color and a bronzer on your cheeks. Usinga volumiser, give a lift to your hair roots and half pin up your hair, leaving the ends lose and in light curls. Dress in a silk blouse and skirt or a flowery dress to seal the look.
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Fox Star Studios/20th Century Fox

3. Cute and Breezy Lunch Date

When you want to charm him, a romantic look will never fail you. Start with a good concealer to hide the dark spots or circles around the eyes and cover up the face in a light base. Accentuate your eyes with a pinkish or orangish eyeshadow to cover your eyelids. Apply a brown matte shade on the crease lines and outer corners of the eyes. Use a lighter white shade on the inner corners to open up your eyes. Next, apply a dull black eye-pencil on the lash line and mascara to define your eyes. Move on to use a rosy cream blush on your cheek bones and a similar shade of pinkish creamy lipstick to finish. Loosely curl your hair and make a soft and messy side bun, leaving a few strands un-tucked. Wear a short lace dress and a pearl bracelet to finish your look. This look is perfect for a lunch date or that classy Sunday brunch.
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Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

4. A Passionate Date Night

There are some days you just want to dazzle him and this look would be just perfect for that. Dress up in a red or black short dress and prepare your face for make up. Highlight your brow bone, bridge of the nose and chin to achieve a dewy look. Now, cover your eyelids with a neutral shade off eyeshadow and apply a white color on the inner corners of the eyes. With a black eyeshadow,using an angular brush, line both the upper and lower eyelashes, taking the line a little farther on the outer end. Now smudge it well, to give it a look of smoke rising up. Stick false lashes carefully, curl them and apply mascara. Go for a warmer shade of red lip color to give a tint to your lips. You can also use it as a blush on your cheeks, though use sparingly. With an adequate amount of mousse, give your hair light twists or waves for a dreamy look. And voile, you are done!
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Yash Raj Films

5. A Casual ‘Affair’

This any-day-date look; be it bowling, shopping and lunch or just good old movie and popcorn; will always be the most welcomed look for any casual date. Simply apply a tinted moisturizer and highlight your face’s highest areas for a fresh and dewy appearance. Now apply a lip balm and then color your lips lightly using a lip tint and a gloss and line your eyes with kohl. Use a hair spray to get a grunge look and then make  a messy braid. Now, dress in your tee and shorts or jeans and team them up with a cool pair of sneakers or even flats and you are good to go.
image source/ Y-Films
image source: UTV Motion Pictures
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