5 Moments That Scream You Need To UnSingle Right Now!

There are days when you want to shut yourself off from the world, get under your blanket and nosedive into a book and not resurface for ten straight hours. And then there are days like these
So we bring to you those undeniable, unavoidable, unmanageable, un-welcome moments when you realize that you need to UnSingle right now!
1. When you are the only single at the dinner party, desperately trying to participate in “Couple conversations”.While your friends discuss the vacations they are taking, you are secretly holding your own hand under the table and having a silent conversation with your imaginary friend in your head.

2. When a romantic movie releases in the theatres and you have no one to watch it with.
Imagine this: Dark theatre, handsome hero with arms wrapped around coy heroine, a beautiful romantic song in the background, a cute couple in the seat next to you indulging in little naughtiness and you, sitting alone drowning in agony and a tub of popcorn. This is no easy Friday night and surely an alarm to UnSingle.
3.That sudden urge to go shopping and the lack of someone to ask “Is this dress good or should I get the skirt instead?”
Opinions and company aside, you also need someone to hold your shopping bags! It is when you are working three bags and trying to avoid falling on your behind while simultaneously trying out three lipstick shades at once, is when you know the real pain of not UnSingling!
4. The moment when you check your phone and see that the only messages are from various Whatsapp groups. You love your family and you love your ex-office friends but accepting that they are the only ones who care enough to message you can be as difficult as a colonoscopy on a Monday morning.
5. Game of Thrones marathon
Cheese pasta craving at 2 in the night
The need to read that beautiful paragraph from the book you are reading out loud to someone
Salsa dancing in the club like no one is watching
Singing a duet at karaoke night in the pub
The list could be endless, isn’t it?
So if you have felt yourself nodding along while reading this list, it is time, my friend. It is time to pick up the phone and start browsing. After all, what are besties here for? UnSingle right now with TrulyMadly and next time, see yourself nodding to “Signs that tell you that you’ve met the perfect match”!
UnSingle on the TrulyMadly app! Download on Android, Windows and iOS.

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