5 Things Women Look For In A Man She Wants To Date

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Since time immemorial men have been asking the same question, “What do women want?”
Here’s my attempt at deep diving into the minds of these ethereal beings. The answer as such is pretty simple. All the LITTLE things make a BIG difference. So follow these simple dating tips for men and get into the game!
Here are a few qualities that women look for in a man she would like to date, brace yourself. Here’s your insight into a perfect date night!
Grooming: First impressions are very critical. A well-groomed man can leave a lasting impression on the woman he likes. You’ve got to look dapper, so choose what you wear very cautiously for your big date night or even on a regular day. You never know, you may just bump into the girl of your dreams on the metro.
Chivalry: You’ve got to be groomed both inside and out. A courteous and chivalrous demeanor will take you a long way! Women notice even the smallest acts of chivalry, so be a gentleman if you want to woo her.
Conversationalist: A woman loves a man who can keep her intrigued and interested. A man who enjoys and contributes to a good conversation will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere for the lady. Some tips, don’t be a chatter-box, make sure you speak softly, and take cues from her body language of when to stop and when to keep going.
Humor: A sense of humor makes a man appealing. Yes, a few good jokes up your sleeve and you will have her laughing and smiling at you all through the date. Humor is a trait that not only allows you to break the ice, but it also helps build trust and ease the tension.
Charm: A good personality is something that a woman cannot resist. A woman notices your body language, and if you’re confident and charming, it’s half the battle won.
Sensitivity: No one wants to date a stone. There, I said it, you’ve got to be compassionate, understanding and sensitive towards how she feels. That is undeniably the key to her heart.
Compatibility: By far the most pertinent thing that a woman looks for in the man she wants to date is the emotional & intellectual compatibility with the other person. A woman with depth would want the same level of depth from her partner. So find what is common between the two of you and let it guide you on!
These are just a few of the qualities a woman seeks in the man she wants to date. Few other dating tips for men could be these: be more assertive, confident and very polite.
Remember that dating is not an easy job and requires some effort, one needs to place all the cards on the table to be able to ace the test! Hopefully these tips will come in handy when you get on the field.
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