5 Tips For an Irresistible Online Profile

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve decided to take charge of your life and go get what you want. Now’s the time to do things differently, so read on for pearls of wisdom about the online matchmaking space, learn how to maximize your experience and dodge goof-ups!

Journey Of Love

1. Honesty is key

What goes around comes around. So keep away from all lies (yes, even white lies), exaggerations and fabrications. Love isn’t blind anymore, so your partner will see through anything that’s less than true. Plus, its no fun being playing a role when you can just as easily be yourself!

2. Put your best picture forward

Don’t worry! You don’t have to hire a photographer and edit furiously to get the right profile picture. Our recommendation is something natural that tells more than just about your looks. Love playing with puppies? Have a fun snap from the time you went bungee jumping? Say it through your picture!

3. Focus on the little things

The compatibility test will naturally make life easier for you when it comes to filtering your matches, but what about those who passed the first round and want to take things forward? Add little anecdotes that set you apart from the guy next door and be sure to express what you find interesting about yourself. Loving yourself will get you a lot more brownie points than you’d expect!

4. Update, update, update!

We don’t expect you to enjoy the same things throughout your life, so as and when something changes – be sure to update it. Everyone loves people with dynamic personalities and if you just baked your first cake and had a gala time doing it, let us know!

5. Trust Meter Success

We’ve already established that differentiating yourself from the other fantastic people on TrulyMadly is important specially when your soulmate is out there waiting for you. But for him to click on your picture, he needs to know you aren’t a serial killer/stalker/psychotic ex girlfriend. So go the extra mile and link your Facebook and Linkedin pages to your profile, upload a proof of your identity (because we’d like to know you aren’t secretly a robot ) and put in a phone number that works. Don’t worry, TrulyMadly won’t post on your behalf, give out your phone number or do anything shady.

Once these 5 basics are taken care of, you’re on the right track and you can leave the rest to the TrulyMadly magicmakers!

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