5 Ways To Take Your Punjabi Girl On A Date To Remember In Amritsar. 10 Best Restaurants Listed.

A Punjabi girl is the most fun to be with. She is a breath of fresh air and knows how to live life… indeed to it’s fullest. If such a great girl is in your life too, you definitely need to know how to treat her well on a date. So, here we bring to you 10 most wonderful restaurants in Amritsar to take your lovely kudi out on a memorable date.

1. She loves food! Chicken shicken, tandoori and tikkas and why to forget paronthe with makkhan da overdose… She loves it all and doesn’t refrain from trying anything that tastes, in one word, ‘Yummmm’!

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So, make sure you treat her well and feed her the best.

Yellow Chilli, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.4
USP: With varied options ranging from Indian, Chinese and Continental, this place churns out lip-smacking food that you can enjoy with your girl in a relaxed and warm environment.
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Kesar Da Dhaba, Town Hall

Zomato Rating: 4.2
USP: Though an all veg dhaba with a little out of usual for a typical dhaba ambience, it is indeed a foodie’s paradise. Loaded with ghee and butter, everything is absolutely divine here with extra stars for it’s thick lassi and yummy dal makhni.
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Crystal Restaurant,

Zomato Rating: 3.6
USP: Best known for it’s delicious ice-creams, Crystal undoubtedly serves some of the best dishes in Amritsar. The ambience is also perfect for a beautiful dinner date with your kudi.
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2. She loves her booze! Ever known a sikhni who doesn’t drink? Well, she can give a tough competition when it comes to gulping down that bottle of whiskey or even beer or vodka or scotch or rum rum rum rum….

image source/ Dharma Productions
image source/ Dharma Productions
Give her ample of booze options… She’ll love you for that.

Stars ‘N’ Bars, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.7
USP: Spacious and lively ambiance with a large number choices of amazing cocktails. And when coupled with great Italian and Chinese fare, it makes the best place to take her out on a casual date.
image source

Bercos, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.2
USP: A great peppy ambiance with myriads of refreshing drinks on offer. Enjoy with Thai food and lovely music playing in the background.
5 Ways To Take Your Punjabi Girl On A Date To Remember In Amritsar. 10 Best Restaurants Listed.
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3. Drinks tey no party sharty?!! Ye vi koi gal si?! Unlike other chhui mui girls, she loves to party hard. No one can beat her when she gets on the dance floor. Be ready to be stunned by her perfect dancing skills.

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Pub, discs and lounges…her favorite because of the amazing music and dancing opportunities… So, better get her that.

Cafe Oz Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.6
USP: An energetic ambiance with awesome music played by the DJ when teamed with food worth finger licking, revs up the spirit of a fun date here.
5 Ways To Take Your Punjabi Girl On A Date To Remember In Amritsar. 10 Best Restaurants Listed.
image source

Blue Icy Bar & Pub, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating
USP: A unique blue ambiance and dim lights set the mood for the high spirits of night life. The drinks and food are also top notch.
image source

4. The fun loving Punjabi kudi loves the outings and is a skilled driver too. Bullet or Mercedes, she knows how to handle them all and loves to go on long drives in the open air.

image source/ Yash Raj Films
Make it a grand day with a place close to nature’s bounty.

Thaichi- Hyatt Amritsar, Maqboolpura

USP: A breath-taking and truly invigorating ambiance, tastefully done in earthy and red tones with partially open dining space to enjoy your lovely dinner in the cool breeze.
image source

5. Words like haanji, mummyji and papaji dipped in politeness are always on the tip of her tongue. But be cautious. Ever tasted her fluent flow of khatti meethi gaalis? She is a time bomb ready to blast with the slightest of disturbance.

image source/ Eros International
So, better take her to a clean, nice and serene ambience to keep that temper in check.

Charcoal ‘N’ Wudz, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.4
USP: A calm and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sumptuous meal in peace. P.S. The Greek salad is a must try here.
image source

Oka Open Kitchen At Astoria, Ranjit Avenue

Zomato Rating: 3.5
USP: Huge variety of delectable North Indian delicacies are most appealing in the quiet and tranquilizing ambiance.
image source
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