6 Dating Games That Everyone Plays But Needs To Stop NOW!

1. Permutation combination of minutes-to-wait-before-replying to a text message. 
The blue ticks have arrived and the text is calling out to you in a low, droning voice “Repllllyyy.. Replllyyy..!” but, you take one for the team and you control. You sneak furtive glances at the numbers on the clock and miss the presence of a Second’s hand because somehow that makes the wait easier. STOP. Stop right now and forget about these powerplay games. Reply to a text when it demands it and you have the time required to form a coherent reply. Waiting for adequate minutes to pass (which have been expertly calculated based on the other party’s msg/mins ratio) is not cool. Be yourself and say what makes you happy and say it when it does.
2. Ordering “Anything’s good” on the menu at the restaurant.
Making your date feel that you survive solely on puffs of air and occasional sips of water, is no mean feat. But the eternal question is WHY? Alienating yourself from humane actions like food and beverage consumption is a pointless art practised by many during the starting phase of the dating scene. We say stop, now.
3. Not calling first.
If you want to talk, PICK UP THE PHONE. It is okay to be the first one to call. Hell! It’s actually quite romantic to let the other one know that you possibly couldn’t wait to talk to him/her. “Let’s wait for him to call” is a ploy left best left to Julius Caesar’s device. We repeat, it is okay to be the first one to call.
4. “Hot” pictures on social media in order to awaken the green-eyed monster that is jealousy.
So you thought he was perfect but unfortunately the emotions weren’t mutual. This is, in NO WAY, the invitation to strategically upload desirable aka “hot” pictures of yourself in a futile attempt to garner some attention. Leave the kindergarten-tricks aside and embrace a healthier approach. Live your life and believe us when we say that if it has to work out, it will. Also girls, uploading a picture with your brother with a cryptic hashtag saying #ManOfTheHour is not to be emulated in life. Period.
5. Social Media stalking. Intense stalking.
The modern world of technology has already rendered romance semi-dead and mystery, a thing of the past. Don’t finish what is left alive of romance by stalking your date on Facebook (their lives), LinkedIn (their moolah-raking capacities), Twitter (their attempt at wit), Google+ (their joblessness) and Instagram (their tendency to indulge in #foodporn if not anything else). So save the stalking and do some talking instead?
6. Don’t wait forever. It’s just a question. ASK.
Newsflash! Asking someone out need not be a do-or-die-trying kind of situation. Believe it or not, people actually continue breathing even if some poor girl or guy happens to say ‘no’ to some poor girl or guy. Diabolic plans like “waiting it out so she can understand my worth” may sometimes backfire and result in an amputated heart, if not limbs. So no games here brothers. Play it honest, simple and cool and things will, surely and steadily fall into place.
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