6 Signs To Know If You’re In A Healthy Relationship Or an Unhealthy One

Are you in a relationship that’s based on the super good ingredients of mutual understanding, love and care or in a totally selfish, manipulative and spiteful one? Well, here are the crystal clear signs
1. Healthy Relationship
You’d do anything and everything for your bae with a zero expectation policy.  Toe massage? All right!
image source/ Reliance Pictures
Unhealthy relationship
You are in it only for the long term perks! Dating a bank… are you?
image source/ Reliance Pictures
2. Healthy Relationship
You truly, madly and err deeply love everything about your bae. Never change, please!
image source/ Madras Talkies
Unhealthy relationship
You see your bae as a puppet. Dance for me… now don’t!
image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
3. Healthy Relationship
You go a 1000 miles to put a 100 watt smile on your their face!
image source/ Tips Films
Unhealthy relationship
Weep! Emo atyachar is your favourite WEEPon of choice and sending them to guilt trips is in your weekly itinerary. 
image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
4. Healthy Relationship
Hush! Hush! You’ll never spill out secrets between the two of you. Even if there’s a billion bucks on the line.
image source/ Eros International
Unhealthy relationship
You are All India Radio. You treat the secret stuff as live news! Everyone knows about it, even your neighbour’s cat!
5. Healthy Relationship
 When there’s a fire, you’re the firefighter! You focus on damage control and not on fanning the sparks. No burn, whatsoever!
image source/ Yash Raj Films
Unhealthy relationship
There’s no mountain higher than your Mount Ego! You wait for the perfect time to execute your grand revenge for anything that may have wee bit offended you.
Reliance Entertainment
6. Healthy Relationship
You eat together, dream together, make mission impossible- possible together!
Eros International
Unhealthy relationship
Me eat first, me dream first. Me! Me! Me! Who are you again? You just don’t give a damn about your partner’s dreams and goals.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
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