6 Traits In You That Get You Dumped

Some of you may wonder why is it that you get dumped all the time. It can’t be true that you are not good enough for anyone. Then what is the issue? Here’s what’s getting you dumped every single time when you just begin to think ‘this is it’.

1. Being too emotional and needy and not taking any responsibility for it.

When you have too many of ‘needy’ issues where you constantly want to be with your bae and want them to double up as agony aunt but still only utter in your defence, “I don’t know what to do” or the classic, “I know I have this issue, but I can’t help it”. Such an extreme emotionally needy attitude makes your partner feel pity for you, not love and eventually that pity too turns into frustration.
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2. Trying to be someone you are not.

If you pull on a fake date face and try to be someone apparently better than what you think you actually are then things get tipsy. You are only juggling between your real self an your acquired alter ego. None of those does justice to your persona and your date is left wondering who you really are.
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3. Restricting yourself indoors and insisting on isolation.

Never hanging out with your friends or doing any fun outdoor-sy activity and confining yourselves indoors every single time for a “peaceful us-time” no way helps to keep you ‘us’ for a long time. It only makes your relationship dull and your partner lonely, despite you being there. Now can that be a good sign?
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4. Refusing to acknowledge your partner’s emotions, labeling them as being unreasonable.

Brushing off your partner’s needs and telling them their emotional behavior makes no sense is only fetching you the label of a cold tin robot. Not being a support pillar and ridiculing them or not listening to their story is a sure road to singledom again.
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5. Putting no real effort in the relationship.

Being in a relationship is an active thing. You can’t go on taking for granted your beau’s efforts of keeping you together or doing sweet things for you because it’s natural. You need to reciprocate too. And if you don’t, well, it’s only time they recognize you don’t care enough and send you their final goodbye card.
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6. Getting too overwhelmed in a relationship too quickly and just as easily draining out.

Being too much into a relationship just as you enter it and then dropping your graph to ground zero as suddenly only tells them that ‘you have changed’. The reality could be that you took undue pains to do things for them in the beginning and now only slowing down to take a breath or the painful truth that you had been too excited to have a bae now and failed to realize it was just an infatuation and now have grown over them.
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