6 Ways How The Couples Spend Their Weekends Vs. How The Singles Do It

When you are in a relationship, weekends are most looked forward to, after spending a tiring week in the office. Just a loving smile of your sweetheart then, is enough to recharge your cells. But the same weekends are usually most dreaded by the singles, with the ever annoying question of ‘what to do’ hanging over their heads; unless of course they have a whole bunch of singles like themselves in their group who have the same nagging question unanswered!!
So, let’s find out how is it that the couples spend their weekends vs. how the singles do it.

1. Couples: Making plans for what to do and where to go this time.

image source/ Dharma Productions

Singles: Making plans what to do and where to go this time only where it won’t look weird hanging out all by yourself.

image source/ Y-Films

2. Couples: Trying to get over with all the weekend household chores so that you can spend maximum time with your bae.

image source/ Universal Pictures

Singles: Sleeping all day long…. Or at least till your mom wakes you up with her call to ask what did you have for lunch.

image source

3. Couples: Spending the entire afternoon together and have a lovely intimate lunch with your SO.

image source/ Excel Entertainment

Singles: Ordering out pizza and gulping it down with soda sitting all day in front of your tv.

image source/ Red Chillies Entertainment

4. Couples: Having fun bowling or go carting with your bae.

image source

Singles: Playing candy crush on your mobile or checking out your crush’s pics.

image source/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

5. Couples: Enjoying the sunset together.

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

Singles: Doing laundry and dishes… Not because you like to keep it clean but because you’ve nothing better to do.

image sourceDharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

6. Couples: Losing yourself dancing with him all night in a pub….Ahh…

image source/ Dharma Productions

Singles: Calling each of your friends and checking if anybody’s free to grab a drink with you.

image source/ Excel Entertainment / Featured Image: UTV Motion Pictures & Dharma Productions

So, how do you spend your weekend?

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