7 Honest V-Day Cards Everyone Needed This Year!

“Love” maybe 4 letters but the invisible strings attached to it can push any normal, pink-hating, forever-alone up the wall. This, in no way means, these normal people don’t crush on other normal people and want to UnSingle in 2016! They do, but just not on the pink-spewing monster of a day that is Valentine’s day! But but but..the pressure! So how about mitigating this pressure to profess your emotions on this day with these quirky, honest and heartfelt messages instead?
1. We all do it and it is when we do it, we realize the amount of importance we are unknowingly bestowing on that person. So why not be truthful and let them know them know it? What? We meant ‘stalking’ of course!
1 (1)2. Say this to your special someone and you would never have to say the dreaded three words again. But do make sure that you live up to all that you say!
1 (2)
3. Learnt to sleep through earth-shattering, apartment-shaking snores? Then say it just like it is with this card
1 (3)
4. Hold on to that one person you can be your random, weird, quirky self with and let them know that they too are a part of your mad, mad world with this card!
1 (4)
5. Inseparable and like it that way? If he/she is that integral part of your life, let them know. “The diesel to my car, the alcohol to my bar, brighter than the sun, moon and stars!
6. We have Netflix in India now and if he is agreeing to share his password with you, you know you have found the man of your dreams.
7. Girls, you get this, don’t you?
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