8 Mythic Beliefs About Online Dating That Are Ruining Your Chance At Finding Love

Online dating is currently the easiest and the most powerful means to search and find your true match. Dating has never been so simplified and safe before. But even though the online platform for dating is gaining so much popularity there are still some myths that are surrounding a section of people that have got them arrested in their own delusional ideas and hindering their chance to find love. Given below are some of such myths related to online dating and the real truth behind them.


I don’t need help to find a match

Of course you don’t. You must meet a new and interesting singles every time you flip a coin, isn’t it? So, till you find time to bottle this art and make a fortune, online dating sites are providing the solution to find the perfect match for all the guys and girls who are actually serious about finding a date. Besides, if you do want to find a date you don’t have to stop looking elsewhere, but just open up all possibilities to find love. After all, you can miss your match by a couple of minutes in a café but on a dating site, he/she will always be just an email away.


Internet isn’t a safe option

Seriously? When you can chat, email, view someone’s verified profile, learn their attitude, profession and personality and look at their photos, social accounts etc., all while keeping your own identity and personal details safe till you decide you have found the right match; it is but foolish to suggest online dating to be unsafe. Can you imagine such safety and privileges while meeting someone in a book store or a pub? Well, good luck trying that.


Losers resort to online dating

If by losers you mean the huge, diverse, global community of quality, well educated, decent and smart individuals that join the gigantic platform of like minded individuals with similar goals to get a date, form romantic relationships or even find their life partners then yes, losers are who resort to online dating. Because, winners are those who like and comment on friends’ relationship statuses and sip coke alone in the food court in hopes to spot someone single.


I am not desperate to find a date

That’s fantastic because neither are those who are already dating online. These are normal people that have their own life just like you do, that work, have their own passions and are only making use of a powerful dating tool to find themselves a date.


I am too old for online dating

Being out of the dating game for a considerable time may make things difficult for you to find a date for yourself again, especially since whom you consider your age may have already found their partners and by so decreasing the probability for you to find someone by conventional methods. Not to mention trolling single hubs may seem embarrassing and tiring too. So, online dating is your best bet where you can anonymously search from among the many single like yourself  and at your own pace. Besides, the chatting and email conversations are easier to get you into the flirting and dating mode again.


I won’t find someone online who shares my interest

Don’t give up before you even try it. The very beauty of online dating is that you can filter and find yourself a date that has similar interests to yours. In fact you can even define your dream date by specifically mentioning the attributes you are looking for in them, like a particular location, values, personality traits, physical appearance etc.


Online dating site is where you meet liars

Sure. Like dating sites have a special clearance requirement for all to only speak lies or speak nothing. Meeting liars is not specific to dating sites alone. You can meet them anywhere. To be truthful, you can never be sure of the guy you met at the mart that he’s actually a high profile lawyer as he claimed to be or the girl you met at the theatre who told you she’s a model. On the contrary, the profiles of all the individuals are fully verified to rule out such possibilities of duping. But anyway, be it online or otherwise it is always a good point to stay alert and and if things seem out of place, avoid the person altogether.


I’m not ready for a serious relationship

Good news! Neither are all others that are online. Some people may actually be looking for serious or long term relationship, but luckily for you, not all are on the quest to find their soul mates. Some individuals are looking for meeting interesting people online to make good social relations before jumping head first into serious relationship. Searching online will easily make it clear for you.
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