8 Reasons Why It’s So Much Better To Date Grown Up Men Than Boys

They say men will be men… True. But then there are certain things that clearly demarcates the grown up men from the still childish boys when it comes to dating and relationship. It is a well known belief that grown men make great beaus as compared to the younger guys but why is that so? There are certainly some strong reasons that ground this belief….

1. Men: You’ll get treats in fancy restaurants.

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Boys: Don’t be surprised if he takes you to McDonald’s fifth time in a row. He’s loving it…

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2. Men: They dress so well.

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Boys: If they could they would even go for a job interview in their boxers.

Yash Raj Films

3. Men: They are clean and tidy and organized.

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Boys: Every time you visit his ‘pad’, you will be in a fix whether to sit on his pile on dirty clothes on the bed or the old ‘take away’ food cartons strewn all over the rest of the room.

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4. Men: It’s always fun to meet his equally amusing and chivalrous friends sometimes for drinks.

image source/ Eros International

Boys: Your dates will be constantly bombarded by the esteemed (read unwelcomed) presence of his friends and even cancelled way too many times for the sake of ‘Boys’ Game Night’!

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5. Men: They are thoughtful and will keep you up on your feet with sweet surprises and gifts.

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Boys: Don’t ever expect them to get you anything. If he can ever save to buy something, he’ll better spend it all on ping-pong balls or game CDs.

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6. Men: They are assertive and know what they want from a relationship and how to convey that.


Yash Raj Films

Boys: All they do is fumble, make dumb mistakes and freak out every time you say ‘we need to talk’.

Yash Raj Films

7. Men: They are financially stable and money wise.

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Boys: Expect them without a speck of doubt to spend the whole pay check in the first week itself on booze, parties and holiday trips with his buddies!

Yash Raj Films

8. Men: They are not afraid of commitment and will be there with you if they honestly respect you and want to be with you.

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Boys: Commitment?!! Just say the word and see them run faster than the Road Runner.

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