8 Restaurants In Surat To Save You From 4 Most Common First Date Mistakes

Going on your first date is very exciting. But the thrilling experience often ends in a shocking disaster only because of some very small mistakes which could have been easily avoided if you paid a little more attention to choosing the right place to dine. So, here are four of the commonest mistakes guys make when they take a girl out on the first date and 8 amazing restaurants in Surat that would be just right to avoid them.

1. Expecting her to pay.

Yes we know equality is a thing. She would of course love to be taken seriously and not misjudged or stereotyped based on her gender. But hey! When it comes to bill, you’re the man. Literally and figuratively. Don’t follow the rule and get yourself stamped ‘Cheap’!
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Solution? Go easy on the pocket with some cheaper yet amazing options.

Coffee Culture- The Ristorante Lounge, City Light

Zomato Rating: 3.7
USP: A wonderful café experience with a delicious assembly of choicest finger foods, pizza, sandwiches and lots more that can be enjoyed in a warm ambiance over perfectly brewed coffees and teas.
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Paprika, Piplod

Zomato Rating: 3.4
USP: The food is spicy and the ambiance warm and inviting and all well under budget.
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2. Bomabarding her with questions.

Now, this is a big no no! You are not there to take her interview! Put a halt on your tongue and let her speak too. Better tell her about yourself as well. But no bragging. Nobody cares ek hafte mein aapki gadi kitna tel khati hai.
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Solution? Give yourself more things to talk about. Maybe a cool and unique place would be a good option to start off with.

The Blue- Under Water Restaurant, Piplod

Zomato Rating: 3.3
USP: A beautiful ambiance with walled in aquariums makes for a lovely place to enjoy a yummy meal in peace.
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Cafe Piano, Magdalla

Zomato Rating: 3.8
USP: A grand buffet spread of cuisines from world over, it can be enjoyed seated in comfortable deep cushioned sofas in romantic lighting and melodious sound of piano playing in the background.
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3. Taking her somewhere nasty.

Do that and you’ll never see her face again. The lady needs to be treated like one. Choose a place that’s beautifully and nicely done. Besides, nothing like a romantic ambience to talk about for ice breaking. And, she’ll be impressed by your choice in the first instance!
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Village, Piplod

Zomato Rating: 3.6
USP: With a décor to resemble that of a rural village it makes  the perfect recipe for a fun and different date especially with a mix of dishes from all over the country, it’s a must try.
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World Platter,

Zomato Rating: 3.8
USP: A warm and classy environment to dine in style and relish the sumptuous world cuisine.
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4. Treating her to bad food experience.

Date and no good food? Are you kidding me?!! Take her to a place that has the yummiest food available. Don’t pig out and give her enough choices for an appetizing meal, for you don’t know her taste yet. Or she’ll leave hungry and you minus GF.
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Leonardo Ristorante Italiano, Piplod

Zomato Rating: 4.4
USP: A pure veg restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes. Enjoy the ravishing ravioli and Tiramisu and impress your date.
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Falafel Lovers, Piplod

Zomato Rating: 3.6
USP: Authentic Lebanese fare with more than just falafel which by the way are truly to die for here, which both of you can savour till the last bite.
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