9 Adorable Things To Do To Cheer Up Your Girl When She’s Low

Gosh! It’s a nightmare when a girl turns into a sulk-a-gon. It’s the time when you badly miss her twinkling eyes and that enchanting smile that makes your day. She could be upset or worried over something or simply tired. Whatever it may be, it becomes your responsibility to cheer her up again. (Psssst… if you don’t want her to become Storm from the X-Men and cast gloomy clouds on your day as well, it becomes all the more important!) So, grab on your loving boyfriend cap and do the following things to make her happy and bubbling again! How to cheer up a girlfriend? Here’s how!

1. Give her a nice cuddle to melt her woes away.

A sweet hug, a touch, or a kiss is all that is needed to make her feel loved and to tell her you are there with her in everything. It’s a nice way to cheer up your girlfriend. See her uncoiling her nerves when you embrace her lovingly in your arms.

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2. Cook it up for her.

Listen buddy, we have been asked how to cheer up a girl with food many times. If the way to your heart is through your stomach, the way to her mind is through food too; given, it’s been made by you…. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s just Maggi Cuppa Noodles. Your gesture is what that will make her smile instantly.

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3. Listen up!

Yes, you heard me. Listen to her. All that she needs is someone to hear her out and vent out the stream of clogged up emotions and tension that’s been choking her. Hear her, and she’ll be light and breezy again. What are the things to say to cheer up your girlfriend? Just listen to her!

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4. Play a masseuse.

Giving a light and relaxing shoulder rub or a neck massage may seem like nothing but can do wonders for your tired and tense girl. Once she feels your firm yet gentle fingers kneading her taut muscles, she’ll relax and know you care.
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5. Surprise her with a gift.

You don’t need to be told how surprises are so loved by everyone and when the surprise is a thoughtful gift for her, where will remain a place for the sulk queen to stay then?
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6. Take her out on a special date.

Can you even deny the power of a sweet and romantic date? Make it a candle light dinner for her and boom! there’s your charming girl back again. It is one of the best cute ways to cheer up your girlfriend.

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7. Watch her favorite girly show or movie with her.

We know that’s a tough one but boy you know if you want her to think you care and want to see her sunshine smile back on, it’s a small sacrifice to make. Chuck your own PS or football matches for a day and paint the day pink, you know…for her. Needless to say, she’ll only be too happy.
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8. Make her laugh.

Wear your jester hat and try to make her laugh her worries away. Do something silly or say something even sillier that you know will make your sweetheart forget the blues and giggle like a little girl. Cheer up your girlfriend using this cute way!

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9. Travel with her.

Ahhh… don’t they say you need to get outdoors, get some fresh air and need some change? Well, that’s what your girl needs too right now. So, if it’ll be her favorite guy to accompany her on a rejuvenating trip somewhere, even though nearby, just over the weekend, won’t she again be all bright and shiny with happiness?!! We thought so too.
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All this for a priceless smile in return

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