9 Strangely Adorable Habits Of Your Shopaholic Girlfriend

A shopaholic is always seen as someone negative. And though all the girls have a little bit of a shopaholic inside of them, a shopaholic girl surpasses all on the lines of zeal and passion. But what may be considered as annoying in them, you can’t deny some of those habits of your shopaholic girlfriend are extremely cute and admirable as well.

1. The sparkle in her eyes when she spots a sale or discount banner is beyond what words can describe.

Yash Raj Films

2. And the way she gets excited on spotting a great pair of boots or a dress, is far beyond just cute.

Yash Raj Films

3. The moment you tell her you’ll take her shopping all your sins get instantly purged.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

4. When she memorizes all the items on your wishlist and makes it her motto of life to surprise you by gifting you all of those.


5. The fact that she never minds when you turn your date into a shopping fiesta for yourself; instead, happily lends an expert hand to help you choose a shirt.

image source/ M M Films

6. And the times when usually girlfriends are known to sulk when you have to shop for a gift for your mom or friends, she surprisingly gets high spirited.

Yash Raj Films

7. Can your girl get any cuter than letting you do whatever you want while happily shopping herself with her girls, and that too without disturbing you?!

image source/ PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- MAD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International

8. You never have to think about what to gift her for birthday or anything…some discount coupons is what she wants. Seeing her flutter with excitement will make your day.


9. But what makes her stand out is the vibrancy and brilliance with which she calculates discounts and offers to get her the best deal, knows the best store for every damn thing and how she can really get her way with her mastery over bargaining!

Phew! Hats off girl!
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