9 Ways For Freshers To Break The Ice In College

College calls for exciting times and a fantastic new experiences. But being a fresher and not knowing a single person out there often puts you in a difficult position. It gets tough to think of how to start a conversation, let alone make new friends, especially with the opposite sex. So, here are 9 great ways you can break the ice in the college and get things rolling.

1. Introduce yourself

Be candid. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. You don’t have to try too hard.
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2. Ask if the seat next to them is free.

Once they nod yes you can go on to introduce yourself and start a normal conversation.
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3. Play to your strengths

The opposite sex can sense it when you try too hard. Don’t be ashamed to admit you are into poetry!
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

4. Build off from there and find common ground

Remember, they need to win your approval too! You can sense it when a conversation is picking up.
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5. Ask for their help for something.

It can be a numerical you are not able to understand or simply ask them to show you the way to the accounts department.
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