Anti Valentine Week 2022: Everything From “Slap Day to Breakup Day” After Valentine’s Day

anti valentine week datesheet slap day to breakup day

Are you familiar with Anti valentine week? Let’s get into it! 

When Valentine’s Day is talked about, Love and Romance are the two elements that are always in the limelight. The month of February is the month of hope for lovers, and the lucky ones get to celebrate the love festival with full enthusiasm. 

Let’s hold it right there and shift our focus to singles and all those who are heartbroken. How do they deal with the entire week watching couples and lovers celebrating love? The frustration is real. 

Should we blame the love birds, and they must stop? The clear answer is NO! What must be done? Well, we have Anti Valentine week dedicated to them. Yes, it’s a thing! 

What is Anti Valentine’s day, you ask?

The fun part is all these heartbroken souls bond this week for their mutual hate for love. Just after Valentine’s weekends, we allow Anti Valentine day week to make a grand entry that’s everything but love. It begins from 15th February that’s slap day Valentine Week and ends on 21st February that’s the final breakup day. 

Now, allow us to break each day after Valentine week and explain its significance to you. 

Here’s the Date Sheet of Anti Valentine Day

1. Slap Day- 15th February

Slap Day, 15th February
Slap Day, 15th February

Isn’t it funny to celebrate slap day after valentine’s day? That’s exactly the sense of satisfaction for single souls out there. 

Love, indeed, is the best feeling in the world, but if they do not deserve your love or have hurt you badly, a slap is needed. A fresh start! 

We don’t appreciate slaps or any sort of physical violence supporting your emotions. The day should be celebrated with no hard feelings in your heart. Take it in a fun way, and let’s all be cordial towards each other. 

*Do not insult or fire your aggression on anyone in the name of the day after valentine’s celebration

2. Kick Day- 16th February

Kick Day, 16th February
Kick Day, 16th February

The second day after Valentine week is reserved for Kicks. Kick everything that bothers you out of your life. Simple and sorted! 

Never carry the burden of an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. This day is a great opportunity to free toxic people from your life or say kick them out forever. Additionally, do not hold grudges against them. 

If you are willing to make this day a little more serious, kick out all the gifts you received from your ex that were so special to you at one point. Trust us; you will feel good. 

3. Perfume Day- 17th February  

Perfume Day, 17th February
Perfume Day, 17th February 

If your intentions behind celebrating this day are purely evil, hear us out. Get your hands on the perfume that smells super bad/worse/horrible, and gift it to your ex. Wait for that look on their face. It will be worth every penny you have spent on buying that useless gift just to annoy them. We can imagine your evil smile, mate! 

Now comes the celebration part with good intentions. Perfumes make a classic gift choice. The day can be taken as an opportunity to present your special people with beautiful fragrances that build bonds and romance. 

4. Flirting Day- 18th February

Flirting Day, 18th February
Flirting Day, 18th February

Well, well, well, a day dedicated to flirting. What more could you ask for? You are single, happy, beautiful, handsome, and charming. The icing on the cake is, your crush is single too. What’s next? Yes, flirting it is. A little flirting won’t kill, they say.

This day allows you healthy flirting with the cute guy or girl you have a crush on. Bring your best flirting skills to the forefront, and kill it with your flirtatious vibes. 

Many call this day the scariest day of anti Valentine week. 

5. Confession Day- 19th February

Confession Day, 19th February
Confession Day, 19th February

If people say they don’t have any dark secrets or no confession to make, they are lying. All of us have secrets, and sometimes a point comes when holding it all within becomes difficult and you want to talk your heart out. 

19th February is the best day to vent out all your feelings to the person you trust the most. Talk about everything that’s bothering you, hurting you, making you feel bad, or anything that you must get out of your head. This activity will make you feel light and relaxed. 

Remember, feeling vulnerable is not always a sign of weakness! 

6. Missing Day- 20th February

Missing Day, 20th February
Missing Day, 20th February

It’s a day to remember, learn, forgive, forget, and move on. It’s a day to start afresh. 

A broken heart feels pain the most, but every time fighting with it and pretending to be strong is not the right thing to do. Sometimes, let it win, let it miss, let it cry, and let it heal. Give your inner hustle some peace to bear with all that’s happening inside. Let your feelings take the lead, and you’re free to miss your lost love, partner, ex, or anyone who was close to you. Live in your memories. 

7. Break Up Day- 21st February

Break Up Day, 21st February
Break Up Day, 21st February

Compatibility, love, respect, and understanding are the pillars of any relationship. If you find even one of these missing, your relationship might fall any day. So always choose freedom over a relationship that does not make you feel loved and secure. 

On the last day, that’s breakup day, give a happy ending to your relationship that you’re carrying just for the sake of it. Prioritize your happiness over everything.  

Why Is This Week Important?

Not every day’s essence could be love and romance dominantly. There are other feelings as well that deserve a little limelight that might not always be positive or happy. After valentine week slap day to break up day is the right time to let every emotion within us flow. 

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