Cocktails for Couples

The sweaty, sultry weather returns. It brings along the gloom of finding it hard to get touchy-feely-cosy with that special someone. Going outdoors is an option only if you are really brave, and immune to both sun and humidity. You also have to deal those ticklish beads of sweat flowing down all funny places of the body. However, all is not lost, my dear friends-in-love (or hoping to be soon). We present to you a list of extremely couple-friendly (read: romantic) drinks that you could try making with or for your partners, and beat both – the heat, and the sweaty dooriyaan!
1.     Juliet and Romeo

Juliet and Romeo cocktail

Yes we got the ordering right, and yes there is a drink by that name! It is a cucumbery-minty blend of gin and any fruity syrup of your choice.

Add some teeny-tiny drops of lemon for that extra-zing. And there, ready for the two of you, a drink with the most epic love-story for its name.

2.     Amour a Mosa

Amor A Mosa cocktail

With a name full of love, this cocktail promises to make each inch of your body feel rejuvenated and ready for some romantic gupshup. All you need is champagne and some fruit juices thrown in together and voila! There, you have ready for you a rather healthy toast to togetherness.
3.     Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach cocktail

This one had to feature here, by default. To be able to imagine a cling of cocktail glasses while reclining with your partner on a beach, all you need is some vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice. Blend it all, along with some strong peach liquor. Put those little adorable umbrellas on top, and another sure-shot heat killer is ready!
4.     Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktail

Some spice in your drinks sirs and madams? Tingling dash of tobasco in a blend of vodka and tomato juice is what makes Bloody Mary a drink favoured in extremes. But, psst, we can tell you that your lady love will be charmed if you serve her this in a glass rimmed with salt the proper style. Last we heard, tomatoes were good for her skin glow as well.
5.     Gazpacho

gazpacho shots

And why should you not have an alcohol free option to sip with your lovelies as well? Not a mocktail, but cold, healthy soup made of raw vegetables this time. Absolutely refreshing when made by pureeing tomatoes and cucumbers, and adding a dash of salt-pepper-lemon seasoning. This drink is all you need to mock at the sun blazing outside your window and tell him, chal hatt!
Too lazy to make them yourself? Well, walk down to the next fine-dine with your date, and raise a summer-free toast to each other. What are some of the cocktails that you have made with your partner?

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