You are so crushing on him.

Panic attacks, countless butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, short breaths! Don’t these symptoms sound familiar? We’ve all sailed in the territory where we’ve crushed on someone real bad.

So here’s 10 things that you are most likely to do when you are crushing on that special someone. Check how many hold true for you.
1. Non stop stalking
Facebook- check. Twitter- check. Pinterest- check. Instagram- check. And of course, his ‘last seen’ on his Whatsapp.
2. Have imaginary conversations
Sometimes, you can even hear wedding bells.
3. Even so, you go speechless in front of him.

So….ummm…do you want to movie a catch?

 4. Over analyse each conversation you have with him. Twice over.
He said sure! But was it in a ‘Sure, I love you too’ way!
5. Croon to love songs
And think you are the next Shreya Ghoshal.
6. You know his schedule, by heart.
It’s 3 minutes past 7 pm and he hasn’t left. Maybe he’s going somewhere else. Equipment used: *removes binoculars*
7. And accidentally bump into him on purpose.
Oh. Hey. I didn’t see you there. *cool stare* meanwhile *heart thumping*
8. Spend hours trying to look your best, everyday.
Primer. Eye-liner. Kajal. Mascara. Eye-shadow. Under-eye concealer. Foundation. Blush. Lip Balm. Lip Gloss. Let’s do it all over again.
9. You constantly check your phone for any messages
10. It’s easy to spell it out loud on the phone! Download #theloveapp and crush away!
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