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Hello hello! We know Delhi is a huge city and picking the right place for a date can be quite a pain (specially because you don’t want to risk taking her to the same worn out places she frequented with her ex). Everything gets messy after a point; the best food is at ‘not so pretty’ restaurants, there’s never enough time (or money!) for a crazy Bollywood-esque gestures and there are crying babies to bust the romance at most fancy places.

Very few people really know everything there’s to know about the eating out circuit in Delhi, and Anjali Batra from Food Talk India is one of those cool cats 🙂 So we ran after her and got her to tell us what she recommends you do!

The First Date

Diva via Food Talk India
Diva via Food Talk India
It’s your first date and you obviously want to impress her! But don’t pull out all the fireworks yet…let it build up. You want to take her someplace that is nice and classy, yet not too over the top.
Italian is always a safe option for the first date ‘cos it a cuisine that we’re all familiar with and isn’t intimidating at all.
So I’d say the best pick for me is Diva Cafe. It’s fairly priced, serves good, heart warming food and has a comfortable environment. If you are lucky and have a membership at the Italian Cultural Centre then definitely that’s the right option.
If you’re up for something different then Chez Nini has some brilliant French food too.  Oh,  and Hungry Monkey is new but fabulous, especially if you can get a table on the terrace and enjoy the lovely view of the Deer Park.

The ‘We’re broke but Hungry Date’

Sakley's via Food Talk India
Sakley’s via Food Talk India
Now we have some amazing bhavans across Delhi with traditional food from various regions across India  at amazingly affordable prices. The Andhra Bhavan is one of my personal favourites . Just be careful about the timings since you don’t want to reach there and find it shut.
 Sakleys- The Mountain Cafe has a great ambiance and is reasonably priced. The Food Talk India community loves brunching there, by the way.
Monkey Bar is also a great option with everything on the menu priced below INR 600. However, getting a table here is a little hard, so make sure you get there early.

The Candles & Wine Date

Rara Avis via Food Talk India
Rara Avis via Food Talk India
Olive at the Qutub is a classic! Brilliant food and gorgeous decor do a good date make! Get a table in the courtyard under the banyan tree with the Qutub Minar in the backdrop and you’re set.
Thai High for some amazing Thai food or Rara Avis if you’re in love with Croute aux Morels.
I’m a sucker for the pecking duck at China Kitchen at the Hyatt, so for me, that makes a great dinner date and since they have private sections as well, you can have an intimate dinner date.

The Fancy Schmancy Date

Indian Accent via Food Talk India
Indian Accent via Food Talk India
Well if you’re ready to go all guns blazing  then Sevilla at the Claridges wins hands down!
 Megu is at the top of my list for Japanese these days. Try the foie gras dishes and some Pork Kakuni if you’re feeling experimental.
Indian Accent. Just ask for the special Chefs Table meal and prepare to be stunned by the fantastic explosion of flavours.

The 30-Minute Date

Don’t you dare take her to Mc Donald’s!

Big Chill via Zomato
Big Chill via Zomato
A 30 minute date is best spent as a dessert date. Those 30 minutes spent sharing a divine decadent desert will set the sparks off for sure 😉
My top picks are –
Big Chill, even though it’s not the most romantic place for a date.  You’ll probably end up running into someone you know there!
Elma’s for the apple crumble cheesecake (move over, Red Velvet!)
Tres for their Dessert Platter .
Le Bistro du Parc for their panacotta.
Tried any of these places? Write to us and tell us everything!

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