Dating A Book Lover- And Where To Meet Them

Research says 90% of relationships that book lovers get into are with real life, non-fictional living beings. Don’t hit us with the nearest book on your bedside table! Chances are there’s someone out there who wants to date you and vice versa. So, here’s making life easier for the both of you. Read along! And hush, it’s blasphemous to talk while reading…
1. You judge a person by the literary conversations you have.
Every time they mentioned an author you dislike, there’s scorn written all over your face. Don’t fret, you just can’t help it, we know. Sometimes, it’s good to judge a person by the book he reads, but you don’t want to appear to be a literary snob. Give them a chance.
2.Your romantic expectations are already sky-high.
You’ve wept tears over Scarlett and Rhett. You sang with Noah tunelessly, you danced with Allie, feeling the rush of freedom and emotions.And now you’re expected to settle for a licking puppy face as a good night kiss on Snapchat. Sigh.
3.Fictional tragedies are to be taken seriously.
Remember the time when THAT dog died and you burst into tears on seeing every other dog on the street? Or the time THAT wizard died and you felt as if you lost your own grandpa? It’s during these dark, dreary times, that you need a warm hug and some reassurance that everything’s going to be alright…someday.
Oh, and reminding us about the other characters who are alive isn’t quite going to cut it.
4.Thou shalt treath recommended books as part of thy soul.
When they genuinely recommend a book, it really means a lot for them if you give it a shot. And why not go a step further and give them your feedback instead of just giving it a 3 star rating on goodreads?
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