Dating – What do Indian parents think?

Ladies- no matter how old you are, you still owe a detailed explanation to your parents, when it comes to your dating habits.

Remember the first time you told your parents that you have a boyfriend or that you’re going out on a date? Ouch. I still remember mine.

How many of these reactions have you been through?
1. They dramatic lecture on how dating is detrimental to your existence.
drama no.2
2. The blame game of misusing the freedom they gave you.
 3. The ‘look-in-to-my-eyes’ test you have to take.
 4. When they are worried that a neighbour may have seen you with ‘the boy’.
 5. The most dreaded of the lot – the wedding plans.
However, you know all this is because they love you so much.

Hear what some of the coolest parents in Mumbai think:


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