Dirty Make Up And Date Night Wins!

This isn’t a pornographic prose but it’s sprinkled with enough double entendres it can be tagged under #modernerotica.
We’re talking make up. Oh yes.
Ladies, listen up! and gentlemen, if you want to expand your (x rated) make up awareness, process this – and I dare you not to smile.
NSFW names are all the rage in our contemporary democracy, and women who opt for make up with risqué names (guilty!) feel all the bolder. It’s true, really. It’s the subtextual inherent tongue gratifying dirty word when you flip over your lipstick that gets the mind titillating and the eyes wide – and to be adorned in a gorgeous shimmery liquid enhancement named Orgasm, ever more pulsating. The effect, – a brilliant matte finish dewy confidence.
What’s in a name?
Bite your tongue! Everything! So passé are No.19 Fuchsia, Deep Plum and Nearly Nude. Make up manufacturers have resorted to obscure obscenity to arouse your curiosity and make anyone a little red in the face. Give me a catchy enticing name and the passive consumer in me, totally sold.
Here are some of my favourite cheeky, twisted, downright scandalous BFF’s with dirty little mouths. If these babies don’t spruce up your sexy confidence on #datenight – well, I don’t know what will!

  1. Since the original Orgasm wasn’t evidently enough, the Super Orgasm results in a dewier, shimmerier deeper flushed-with-happiness finish. Very post-O look.

I’m talking about blushers here- the NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm claim to be the ultimate authority in blush.

  1. Because you know, it’s like the Super Orgasm wasn’t enough, so here’s some Deep Throat Blush. Easy there, NARS, because I can’t see the correlation between the colour and the name. Nevertheless, another phenomenal flirty, sheer peach finish with light gold sheen for fairer skins.
NARS Orgasm Blush, NARS Super Orgasm Blush and NARS Deep Throat Blush available on amazon.in
  1. Damn this is one letter slip away from a PR nightmare, and extremely addictive – the Sexy Mother Pucker. Hell, it comes in five shades plus a clear gloss. It tingles the lips slightly with their SUPERFIL technology, giving you an actual plumper pout. The best named shade of all? Half Naked. Perfect to pucker up on date night! SMOOCH!
Soap and Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker available at Sephora India.

4. Would you wear this and tell the tale? OPI’s Pussy Galore is this flirty soft sandy opalescent pink dream inspired by their Bond Girl collection. Delicate and feminine, not unlike its name ;-).
OPI Pussy Galore available at amazon.in
5. Who doesn’t love long seductive lashes? This saucy pink tube of mascara speaks volumes, literally – Better Than Sex. Oh yes, cocky in all its respects, its bushy brush and unclumpy application are delightful, but really, does it live up to its name? It certainly makes my eyes wide. Ladies, forget not to flutter.

Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara available at amazon.in

6. How many times a day do you say F@#!? Well try getting Naked and then dropping the F Bomb. Urban Decay’s versatile long lean Naked pallet is nothing short of sexy genius – for all skin tones; from delicate champagne to gritty gunmetal, it’s a must have on ones dresser – glitter, shimmer and matte – perfect for both day, night and everything-in-between dates!
pic 5
Urban Decay Naked and F Bomb available on flipkart.com and amazon.in
Always wanted ravishing red lips that increase his heart rate? The F Bomb is crimson seduction in all its splendour. Classic red lips, insane colour payoff on date night, so hot!
7. You can never have too many shades of red – but finding the perfect one is tricky. This dirty devil was insanely controversial after its launch – a little Lolita inspiration brings you Underage Red. For those who prefer sticky luscious gloss over cream sticks, this is your go-to scarlet. Love it, hate it, debate it, definitely a win with me.

pic last
Kat Von D, Underage Red available at amazon.in

Come on ladies, in the spirit of embracing your sexiness, get yourself a Sexy Mother Pucker!
Or fellas get her a Naked pallet!
Nothing says I want you quite like outrageously named make up. It’ll exorcise any under confidence, make her feel hotter than hell and set his imagination ablaze. Not long then till she’ll want to unbutton that top, slink into a flushed, dewy, red-lipped, sexier than sin, X rated selfie. You know the rules:
Go bold or go home.

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