Diwali pick up lines just for you

To spice things up this festive season, we bring you custom made pick up lines, both tried and tested.

Please try this at home!

For your sister’s friend
“Are you explosive? Cause you sure look like a bomb.”
For Khurana aunty’s son:
“Do you believe in love at first sight. Or should I walk by again?”

For the girl next door:

“Are you a matchstick? Cause man, you light my fire!”
Our favourite one:
“I’m a teen patti champ. Want to try your luck with me?”

Random girl:


“When I’m dressed traditional, every second girl falls for me. One and You.”

In case the one above fails:


“You’re quite a crackah girl!”

In case she’s an investment banker:


“You’re the best deal I’ve seen this Diwali.”

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Happy Diwali!

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