Every Time It Rains (An excerpt)

The country’s bestselling author Nikita Singh is back! This time with “Every Time It Rains”. Come join her in an adventurous journey of love and heartbreak but first…here’s a little sneak peak 😉
It was dark and quiet at this time of the day. It was Laila’s favourite time—she liked dark and quiet. Most bakers sheknew woke early to bake, starting off their days on the right note, ensuring a draft of fragrant air escaping from every open door and window of their bakery to seduce customers in. She, on the other hand, liked to end her day baking. During the day, she was a businesswoman, the primary person in charge of the operation of two rapidly growing bakeries in New Delhi. She worked long days, putting out fires, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. However, after their shops closed every evening, she took the time to go through the day’s sales herself, wrap everything up, prepare the shops for the next morning and do her favourite thing of all—bake.
While her best friend and business partner Maahi was at their Shahpur Jat shop, closing for the day, Laila was at their second, newer shop, the one in Hauz Khas Village. They had opened it only four months ago, and it still wasn’t as smooth an operation as their first shop and needed more attention.They referred to their Shahpur Jat shop as One and the one in Hauz Khas Village as Two in order to keep things simple. After their two employees at Two—Javed, who helped them bake and Aparna, who managed the counter—had left for the day, Laila sat under a warm lamp hanging from the ceiling, checking inventory.
‘Whoa! You scared me—sitting there like a ghost!’ came a voice from the door. ‘What are you doing here?’ Laila asked, looking up from her iPad and smiling at Maahi. ‘All good at One?’ ‘All good at One. Clean and shiny and closed, thank God. It was such a long day! Did you know Ram’s grandfather once fought a lion and came out alive to tell the story? I do now. I heard the story—a very long and very dull version of it.’‘Hard to imagine a story of a human battling a lion being dull.’ ‘It was and I had to hear all of it because I asked!’ Maahi’s lips twisted to the side. ‘I feel bad for him though. At least here Javed and Aparna have each other. There at One, Ram has no one to talk to all day except me.’ ‘So basically Ram is your new best friend.’ ‘Basically.’ Maahi snorted. ‘I came over to ask my old best friend an opinion on something. Walking here was a bad idea though.’ Maahi hopped in front of the air conditioner vent and fanned herself furiously with her hands. ‘I couldn’t find an auto, and then this one dude asked for forty bucks—like I’m an idiot!’ ‘You do kind of look like one.’ ‘Laila! So mean!’ ‘What—just stating facts. You’re the one jumping in front of the AC, looking like an idiot.’ Laila laughed at Maahi and went to join her by the window. The cold air from the AC did feel nice on her face. Her hands automatically went to massage the back of her neck. ‘Really that hot outside?’

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