Find Out If You Need To UnSingle In Your Life!

What is UnSingle? It can be described as the warm feeling one gets when that long-lost crush from school suddenly texts you “Hi” out of the blue. The fact that you didn’t even know he had your number, only adds to that feeling! Here are ways or signs that tell you that you are UnSingling and doing it damn well too!
1. When the warmth of the coffee is no comparison to the warmth you feel in your heart.
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2. Ever experienced those mornings when your head slams against your table as you fall asleep at work? All because you happened to stay awake the entire night talking to that one person who gets you. Now that sure is what UnSingle is!
3. “You hang up!”
“No YOU hang up!”
“Okay on the count of 3”
“Okay, 1, 2, 3!”
4. That moment when you feel like you can battle Bangalore traffic, Mumbai crowd and Delhi drivers, just to drop her home, you know you are UnSingling!
5. He sends you a cute text and you start blushing. He knows he has made you blush and you know that he knows he made you blush!
6. If there is someone out there who not only gets your jokes but also laughs at them, despite
being the only one in the room to be doing so, you sure have met your ‘match’!
7. If you are smiling to yourself and that too for no good reason (especially if you are doing it
while looking down at your phone!), the deal has been sealed dear friend!


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