Half Love Half Arranged by Itisha Peerbhoy- Book Review

half love There’s a moment in everyone’s life when their inner Rhea is unleashed.

The book is straight from the Cosmopolitan world, but with the right desi punch. Most girls would find themselves nodding along to the insightful observations of singlehood and married life.
The protagonist Rhea Kanwar, is thirty, unmarried and with an expanding waistline. Not the perfect combination, right? Itisha pens down the startling transformation of a successful career woman, who turns into a girl who starts getting obsessed over men, or rather lack of the perfect man. Rhea is quite a likable character, who is witty, dramatic and has the uncanny ability of getting herself in trouble all the time.
When Rhea decides to plunge into the marriage market, it’s utter chaos. Most readers will identify with the scenario of a series of prospective suitors coupled with Rhea’s misfortune and neuroticism. Her family and friends slowly lose patience with her shenanigans. Enter Pammi Aunty, a match maker boasting of 90% success rate. Will Rhea find her true love in an arranged marriage? Or will she find love in her best friend who was next to her all this while?
I found myself chuckling away to glory, as the pages turned. This isn’t a book where any criticism matters. It’s the story of every girl and her woes of her career, appearance and relationship problems.
This chick lit might hint at a Bridget Jones-esque drama, but it’s a hilarious account on the anxieties of a modern woman. Itisha nails the humour and irony right as you find yourself sympathizing and laughing at the same time. Go ahead, and pick it up for a fun and light read!
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