Here’s How Girls Totally #BoyBrowse

All it takes is 3 seconds for a girl to look at you and know if you are worth getting #boybrowsed.
Our reaction can be this…
giphy (2)
Or this!
gif ugh
Here are some of our tricks straight from the girl’s handbook to ogle-worthy men. Thank you notes are most welcome!
The Mirror Glance
gif mirror
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. We wish!
The Sly Look
giphy (1)
Our fantastic peripheral vision allows us to side glance and ogle at a guy without getting caught. And we’re ticking off our check-list, while we are at it.
The No I’m not Staring Look
giphySubtlety level: amazebonks
The Double Entendre
gif one
“I’m hungry”… *eyes you*
Speaking of hungry, don’t forget The Hunger Stare
Once, I googly-eyed this hottie at a party, and he ended up asking me if there was something on his shirt. AWKWARD.
The Obvious Double Take
It’s one of those rare moments of spotting a Greek God, that we aren’t so subtle. Or maybe we just want our personal Palat moment.
The Smirking at a Cute Guy
giphy clap
Because you just can’t help it.
The Down Glance
She’ll ogle various parts of your body from a distance, then lower her eyes and not even give you the slightest attention. That’s a total sign that screams, ‘’You’ve just been browsed!’’
The Catcalling
Just kidding. But wait! Has anyone ever tried that?!
Girls, which one’s your favourite way of #BoyBrowsing?
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