How Can Introverts Find Love? The #DateDoctor explains …

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Even introverts have friends, right? I talk to many introverts about how to make connections, as you seem to think that it’s harder for you to find love! Let me tell you that is not the care. Follow our steps below to find that special someone.
For an introvert the way to approach making a girlfriend/ boyfriend or even friends is the same:
1.Do the things you love and find others that love to do those things
Your hobbies are one of the best ways you can find someone like-minded. Take a minute to list all the things you enjoy (maybe sports, reading, poetry, watching movies) and look for activity clubs, meetups, and events where you can do those things with a small group of people week after week.
2. Keep showing up to those things and get to know the people around, and the people you ‘like’ too – remember they are people just like you.
Get out of your head and don’t put the people you are attracted to on a pedestal. Remember, they are human and sometimes feel shy too! If you keep showing up, you give people a chance to really get to know you.
3. Instead of approaching strangers, try to talk to friends of friends or people in those hobby groups or clubs.
I know I say this all the time as the #DateDoctor, but you getting to know someone by randomly pinging strangers on the internet may feel safe to you, but to the other person it can feel creepy. Look to meet people in real life so they can get to know the real you – there’s less of a chance of someone wanting to connect if they can’t see you and feel your energy.
4. You can do some form of this online – joining groups online and such – and posting in them and starting conversations on threads but do make sure to meet them in person.
See # 3 ☺
5. Start slow. Say hi and leave it at that – you don’t have to propose on day 1.
There is no rush, especially if you are a part of a group that meets frequently. Let the connection unfold naturally. A warm “hi” goes a long way in someone beginning to trust you.
6. See if they respond to the hi or starts to talk, if not, you can be a bit bolder and just ask a question about what you are doing.
Keep the conversation light and context-based. If you a part of a book club ask about the current book you are reading. Slowly you can extend the conversation to personal topics once you feel comfortable.
7. Overall remember you don’t need to be an extrovert to love someone or make a connection – but you do have to get out of your comfort zone a little and take a chance on a “hi”
One thing we tell people on our service is ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ – so why not at least try. 🙂 Filling your life with the things you love, can make you a more interesting person and help you meet new friends and love connections. Good luck!
Introverts, let us know how these tips worked for you! Happy Dating and hope these help you #Unsingle!
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