Signs You Are So Done With Serial Dating And Want A Serious Relationship Now

Chase, date, break up! Repeat?
You may have mastered the art of dating long back. Well, you’ve may be in for the  casual game of chasing  someone, dating them and then breaking up only to move on to the next one. Not that there aren’t any feelings involved, we mean, at least when you were  dating, each one of them seemed like ‘The One’ but… never mind!
Whatever it may be, there comes a moment in life when you’re absolutely tired of this whole serial dating game. It could happen today, or tomorrow or maybe a good 10 or 20 years away. And when you do, you know it deep inside. So, if you are single right now and are anywhere near this revelation then maybe these tell-all signs will help you know you’re not up for anything casual but something special!
1) Your battery is always low. Forget hook ups, even flirting looks like climbing Mount Everest!
2) Always Yawning Out Loud! You’re totally bored of just hanging out and going with the flow. You know what’s in for you and what you want from a relationship.
3) You no longer expect a ‘Yash Raj’ type of a love story. Move aside fantasy, it’s time to keep it real.
4) You know you won’t seriously injure your ex or strangle his new girl if you meet them in a mall. You are so over him. YOU GO, GIRL!
5) You don’t need anyone to save you from this bad bad world. You are happy and perfectly capable of take caring care of yourself. You don’t need someone to ‘complete’ you but only to share the giggles with you
6) You now look beyond just looks. You’ve learnt to respect people and their uniqueness rather than being so picky.
7) You’ve taken special history lessons from your past mistakes and didn’t bunk the class this time. A fantastic sign you are ready for a serious relationship.
8) ‘It’s the right time’. This phrase makes so much sense to you now. You feel it from inside that it’s the perfect time you enter in a long term relationship.

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