Speed Dating. 7 Questions for 7 Minutes.

Madhuri Banerjee is the bestselling author of six books with the newly released Forbidden Desires already climbing the charts! She is a world traveler, an avid reader, a coffee addict, an amateur photographer, an Instagram addict, a doting mother, and a philosopher at heart. She tweets with the handle @Madhuribanerjee and has over 19,000 followers who love her wacky, relatable advice on everything from relationships and motherhood to travel and spirituality.

Who has the time to date anymore? First you have to look for the right person, then you have to travel to a coffee shop or bar to meet the person and then you end up spending money on the date that you didn’t really like. You might as well stay at home and watch Netflix!
That’s why Speed Dating helps.
But it’s all scary. What do you ask? What do you say? Here are 7 questions that could get you into the groove:

  1. Tell Me About Yourself – When your date asks you that, keep it simple. Say your name, where you stay, whether you’re studying or working, if you live with your parents, siblings, have a pet and have a hobby! Ask them the same question back.
  2. Talk about the hobby – Hobbies could vary from reading and writing to adventure sports and travel to listening to music. Ask about that and share what you love. Never interrupt. Hear them out. If they talk too much without asking you back you know the person is self-absorbed.
  3. Books or movies? – Follow this up by asking favourite books or movies. What did you like most about it? If you know any interesting facts, gossip about the subject share that so you can build on that and you don’t need to go on to other questions!
  4. What do you do for fitness – What are his physical goals? If the man/ woman is constantly working out, chances are they won’t be available to meet or have a conversation as often as you’d like. Or if they’re not into fitness, they might crash your diet regime. There needs to be a balance.
  5. How long ago were you in a relationship? – Exes keep popping up into people’s lives and rebound relationships could mean you’re going to be taken for a ride. If the person has been single for a while, it’s good to save their number. But if they’ve recently broken up, rest assured you’re going to be a crying shoulder! The depth of the relationship is directly proportional to the time spent in it and will take half that time to move on from it!
  6. Future plans – Do you plan to work? Where do you see yourself going in the company? Do you have a bad boss? How do you deal with pressure? What picture do you have on your screensaver? Fun questions about work could show if he’s a clown or a serious worker or has any ambition at all.
  7. Romance Is? – What would we do on our second date? A romantic date for you means? It’s important to talk about romance because most women will always want it. If the man is uninterested and practical he should know if the woman is also a no nonsense person. If she would like to go hiking and not talk on a date, he need not bring flowers!

Ask. Understand. Reciprocate. Smile. Move on! Speed Dating is fun! If you are in Delhi, and work for a start-up, it’s time to speed date! Sign up here. 
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