Speed Dating Pro Tip: Decoding His Body Language

Getting to know a guy while speed dating can be tricky. Guys aren’t as simple as they claim to be. It is hard to read what’s going on in their head especially because men do not like to talk much. It is on you to look for clues and find out what they are thinking, whether they like you or they don’t or what is that they want from you. The only way to know this is by decoding their body language. It is a science and definitely reveals all that you need to know. Here’s what to look for.

1. His shoulders and chest are inclined in your direction even though his eyes are prying elsewhere.

If his upper body is tipped in your line, congratulations, you don’t need to try to get his attention. You are already the most attractive thing to him in the room.

2. He has a sneer or that crooked smile on his face you so love.

Back off. The guy is not serious, probably wants a no strings attached relationship and is definitely lying to you about something.

3. He raises his eyebrows and then drops them scrunching his forehead.

Be on your feet to catch this gesture. Yes, it is lightening fast. But if you did notice him doing this on seeing you, better feel proud of yourself, because girl, he’s really into you.

4. He touches his belt or skims around his trouser pockets on the first meeting with you.

If he does that or scratches down there, don’t bother continuing the conversation about his work or your hobbies or whatever, because all he wants is ahem.. (yes, you got it) and this is just his subconscious spilling his dirty mind.

5. He holds a long intense gaze.

If he looks into your eyes for a good, long 5 seconds or more, that’s obviously not a coincidence. He is doing that to make you feel intimidated and seduce you.

6. His points his toes or shoes inwards.

It simply means that though he’s searching you and trying to look confident he is actually unsure of himself and wants a little reassurance that the liking is mutual.

7. He smiles coyly with only the corners of his lips in an upturned manner.

There’s not a fleck of doubt he doesn’t like you. He’s just a little shy and doesn’t want his interest in you to be so loud and clear.

8. He tilts his head to one side when you lock eyes or while conversing with each other.

If you got the famous head tilt, you better know it’s time you go in for the kill. He’s obviously into you and is playing coquettish. If you like him, reply with equally engaging flirting.

9. He smiles at you widely with his lips stretched and his teeth barely showing.

This gesture suggests he may like your company but he’s just not that into you. Although, he’s only trying to be polite and respect your presence, don’t lose heart. Who says feelings can’t develop with time?

10. He has big devilish smile with lips closed and raised on one end.

This guy loves to be a bit of an enigma and likes to pose himself as a challenge. He wants you to try harder. So, if you are already smitten by the devil, better catch him if you can.

11. He stands with his legs apart.

Guys often stand like that when they have hots for a woman. This is a primal instinct of men that they do not even realise while doing. So, if he’s standing in front of you like that, you know what he wants.

12. He extends his hand with his palm facing up.

The most romantic gesture in the books, it is literally and figuratively reaching out to the girl he wants to connect with on a deepre more emotional level. If he does that, you know he’s serious and super duper likes you, actually, maybe even loves.

13. He strokes his stomach.

Feel free to feel too proud of yourself because if he’s doing that, it means he is absolutely fond of you and thinks you are a brilliant catch. However, this midriff massager is short on words of affection and can only show his fondness through little actions. So, if you like him start reading between the lines.

14. He licks his lips.

If you think lust is hunger, this is how a lustful hungry man looks like. So, if you find him doing these lip movement, know that your sight just served him appetizer.

15. He leans in close.

Normally, a guy stands about one to two feet away while interacting with you. But if he leans in closer he is trying to invaade your personal space. That’s because he’s already had you in his brain and this is just his subconscious making arrangements to feel the heat and intimacy.

16. He holds your hand in public.

Boy, the guy’s so proud of you, is comfortable and wants to keep you close and the relationship strong. This is also his way to show the world, you are his.

17. He touches you at the nape of your neck, small of the lower back, upper thigh or your sides.

These gestures of touching your sensitive areas are his way of telling you he’s sexually aroused.

18. He laughs without restriction.

If he’s laughing easily in your presence he’s very comfortable with you and doesn’t fear letting his guard down and displaying his emotions. If he does that, he’s definitely thinking long term.

19. He slumps his shoulders.

If he slouches his shoulder when interacting with you, he is probably strung on you and finds you irresistibly adorable. His rounding off his shoulders is a prerequisite to the feeling that he wants to close you in his arms. This indicates he’s attracted to you and feels a connection with you.

20. He plants a soft kiss while saying good bye.

If he does that, you are lucky to have him. Planting a gentle peck on the cheek or forehead is a gesture that shows he loves you and wants to take care of you.

21. He strokes your head or back.

A guy who does that is both caring and innovative. He is sensitive and wants to try out different and fun things to keep the relationship interesting and you happy.

22. He smiles with a broad grin, showing all his teeth and probably his gums too.

Only one explanation: He’s smitten. The guy is too head over heels for you and could drop on his knee any moment.

23. He sits on his hands.

A guy sits with his hands tucked under him a little when he tries to control his words. It is more about trying hard not to displease you with what he says than about trying to keep things from you. He clearly likes you and doesn’t want to lose you because of some of his silly mistake.

24. He tucks a strand of hair away from your face.

If the guy does this in public he is trying to display your togetherness and if he does this when you two are alone, then it’s his way of telling you, ‘I’ll take care of you’.
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