The Types Of Frogs You Have To Kiss Before You Find Your Prince

Before you find your Mr. Right you have to go through with so many disastrous dates with so many of those guys whom you now wonder why you started dating in the first place. These frogs err guys are like your righteous passage to finally find your prince. So, here are the 8 types of men every woman dates before she meets the one.

1. Mr. Hot One

He’s got the looks that kill, which actually attracted you to him ignoring his self obsession and gym worshipping fanaticism that eventually overshadowed everything. In fact, he’s probably the one that made you feel the least attractive; not because you lacked six packs like him but because you ‘heard’ people saying why he’s with you! Ouch!
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2. Mr. North Pole

He’s cold and as antisocial as can be. He is perfectly bore and hates to leave his ‘pad’ and would most likely want you too to spend time with him indoors watching movie or playing some dumba** game on his Xbox.
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3. Mr. I. M. Jerk

He’s the sweet talking, most charming bad boy you ever had the privilege to date. He made you laugh, was the life of any party and made you feel like a princess and right when he promised you the world together, you found him snogging an another girl.
image source/ Dharma Productions
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4. Mr. Man Boy

He’s an ardent believer of ‘growing up is for losers’. This guy has no proper job, is almost always broke and spends each night with his fraternity that share similar ideologies, drinking and bro-ing if that’s even a word.
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures- Aamir Khan Productions

5. Mr. Englees Babu

What Mr. Bachchan said in one of his movies is perhaps what describes him best; he walks English, he talks English and is everything English since that week long holiday he spent at his London wali bua ji’s place.

6. Mr. Crazy For You

He seemed not fine but too good at the time only because who doesn’t like to have your own personal stalker who is obsessed about you. But as you dump him after a series of ill-timed calls and visits and on-the-edge crazy gifts sending cycles, do you realize what a bad idea it was altogether to date this weepy lunatic!
image source/ Tips Music Films

7. Mr. Big Cheap-O

This one here forgets his wallet all the time and the times he can’t escape, it’s a roadside burger treat for you because it is “different and thrilling”!!
image source/ Yash Raj Films

8. Mr. Money Bags

Contrary to the Cheap-O, he is way to too chivalrous to let you pay… So, chivalrous that you can’t pay ever, nor travel by a bus and neither eat at any joint that may require you to starve the rest of the month if you had been paying… Because he got too much money and he ain’t gonna hide it!
image source/ New Line Productions/ Featured Image Source
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