Things You Should Know About Dating a Yoga Girl

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After the much hyped celebration of the International Yoga Day this year in India, many women have turned to yoga for their daily dose of exercise. But as they say, yoga is more than just asanas, it’s a practice that can stir your soul and take you to dimensions you could have never imagined. So, if you are dating a girl who is a newbie to this field or someone who has been practicing yoga for a while, following tips may come handy –
She has gone through a lot
If she is a yoga freak and you find her hitting the yoga mat every single day then she has definitely gone through a lot and has consciously chosen the path of healing, well-being and spiritual inclination for a reason. She believes in the higher power and is always aiming to be a better person. Respect her for that and never judge her by the old chapters she has closed.
She is kind but not a doormat
Practicing yoga has opened her heart and she is a kind being. She understands the power of words and would always prefer to calmly reach out to people and empathize. Don’t forget that her kindness is not her weakness but her strength.
She doesn’t like drama
A yoga girl will never entertain drama; she will never feed herself with self-loathing statements and would not let you do that either. She loves to be in the aura of all things good.
She is friends with positive peeps
Her friends don’t suck; she surrounds herself with people who choose to lift her spirits high, talk about empowering perspectives and support her goals and do not merely survive on gossip.
She has a bookshelf of great books, gift her one!
She loves immersing in the ancient teachings, Vedas and books that inspire and stirs her soul. She loves collecting quotes that can change her life or add more meaning. Surprising her with such books can make her day!
She loves yoga pants
She absolutely loves adorning yoga pants and off shoulder tops. Her wardrobe will be all about comfortable clothing but don’t underestimate her feminine side of surprising you in sexy attire someday.
She has a flexible body & mind
Yogis know what it means to perfect a pose; they patiently go through the process, day by day and inch by inch. She has worked for the flexible body and would always be willing to look at new perceptions. She will be the first one to solve any argument between both of you.
She loves everything natural
She is going to make you go gaga over organic beauty products, natural meals, boho clothing because she is a free-spirited woman of substance who relishes the beauty of details and essence.
She can change your life for good
A yoga girl can influence your personality to such an extent that you may end up on a yoga mat yourself. Her balanced lifestyle and penchant for mindfulness may awaken the light within you and then you both can go to places together, beyond the understanding of human nature.
Enjoy the journey!
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