Unlocking The Secrets Of Dating A Scholar

When you are a scholar the world feels proud of you. Your parents can’t stop praising their little genius in front of neighbors and relatives although, your cousins can’t stop hating you for the comparison they have to bear with you. And there’s no doubt you are your teacher’s pet the apple of your professors’ eyes too. Everything, except of course the neck breaking competition in the academic world for jobs, the obsessive need for being on top and the the incessant thirst for the knowledge, everything’s smooth. But that’s of course when you ignore the dating part.
Dating? What’s that? It has never been your cup of tea. Except for Leonard Hofstadter and Howard Wolowitz, no one from your community has ever been able to pull this off; not that it has stopped you from trying. But honestly, your dating struggles are real and big and the following are just a handful of them.

1. Even if you think it’s high time you start dating, you don’t. Because, who’s gonna study then?

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2. And whenever you felt extra adventurous and give dating a chance anyway, there’s this tiny voice that constantly tells you, “You should be studying. You should be studying. YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING!!!”

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3. With a strict budget of pocket money just enough for chai and Maggi Top Ramen who can afford a date?

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4. Even if you go on a date, you are not sure if you’ll be able to handle all that pressure.

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5. Because its not like you are taking your journal on a date to the lab.

Oh no! Wait. That prospect sounds really enticing!!
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6. You are in a constant rejection zone and instead, like to tell yourself.

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7. You can hardly concentrate on the movie or your date, since with every passing minute that you’re wasting on the romcom, the academic competition is getting even more stiff!

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8. You know what impresses them. Humor. And no matter how hilarious your joke is…


Somehow, they never seem to get it.

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8. And even if you throw that smoothest line in the book, at them…

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All you get is this expression.


9. And then when your date just casually brings out the topic of your research in one of her pop culture fanatic conversations, there’s no stopping your rage!!

That’s not what it means, you homo sapiens with a below average brain!!
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10. Because until dating rules change way too much, you know, dating for a scholar like you will remain a struggle.

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But until then, keep up the good struggle, scholar! 🙂

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