What Does Your Favourite Drink Say About You

Drinks have a way to spill beans about your own dirty little secretive self, which makes it usually one of the finest first date ideas. Like your choice of clothes or your car, even your usual order at a bar speaks volumes about your personality. So, what is your favorite cocktail and what does it say about you?

1. Beer

The ‘Boring’ Beer Bearer

You are boring and predictable but too needy to look someone with their own distinct ideologies. You are too vocal by trying to be feminist in front of your girlfriends or if you are a man, busy playing a misogynist.
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2. Cosmopolitan

The ‘Beauty Worshiping’ Cosmo Drinker

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? Of course you honey!” This is your daily mantra and that’s what urges you to spend half your time checking your make-up or biceps in anything that’s good enough to show your reflection and other half sculpting your body in a gym! Phew! So much for a hot bod.
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3. Scotch

The ‘Bragging’ Scotch Man

You have served in the armed forces at some point in your life and scotch is your way to never let anybody forget it. Even though you may have been in the dignitary ‘job’ for just a year or two, you make it a point to brag about the various ‘that one time(s)’ to your pals over the drinks at the compulsory weekly meet.
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4. Martini

The ‘Faking’ Martini Fan

‘Trying a little too hard’ is what your drink says ’bout you. You like to stand by a first class luxury Mercedes which is of course not yours, buy designer clothes at eBay and laugh that pretend laugh in your high end socialite group that you somehow managed to pierce your way in.
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5. Margarita

The ‘Frustrated’ Margarita Mugger

Margs is for those overgrown teenagers who just can’t make themselves to get rid of those ripped ‘denim’ shorts and biker jackets. You hit Ruby Tuesday the instant your frustrating ‘9 to 5’ job gets over; though not that you don’t mind drinking even in the daytime.
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6. Gin and Tonic

The ‘Calm and Sophisticated’ Gin and Tonic Sipper

It is for those who are a big fan of the ‘Polite and Elite’ class. It basically transforms you into a British version of you making you sit up cross legged and your head held up back as if a wooden stick be tied to your spine. It’s your favorite go-to when you want to calm your senses but still like to stay fiercely in control of them.
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7. Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary Loving ‘Beautiful Alcoholic’

You don’t need your morning dose of caffeine when you’ve got the heavenly red of tomato juice and alcohol to start the day or you know, barely make the day trying to stand up. And Oh! you are beautiful (I envy you!).
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8. Whiskey

The ‘Monotonous’ Whiskey Gulper

You are an old soul trapped in a young body. You like your routine, even maybe adore it like your own child. Each night you would settle down in your study with your bottle of whiskey, ice and soda and drink till it’s time for dinner. And when you think your pain for something that you aren’t so sure about is too deep, you’ll have it neat.
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9. Champagne

The ‘Celebratory’ Champagne Churner

You don’t need a reason to celebrate. If there’s breath in your lungs and beat in your heart, let’s rejoice by putting alcohol in your veins. However, you are great at getting things done and have good contacts so every time you arrange for a private viewing of something totally exclusive, of course that’s time to pop that cork, ain’t it?
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10. Mojito

The ‘Fun and Alive’ Mojito Drinker

Mojito is the drink for the ones whose mojo is fun and friendliness. You are the perfect mix of amateur boy (or girl) like ways and the attractive charisma of a refined man or a woman. If you want to take a revenge from your ex you get it and if you want people to listen to your boring lecture on politics even in a party, well, damn they will.
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11. Vodka with Red Bull

The Vodka Downing ‘Desperate to Fit In Kid’

You are that kid who is too desperate to fit in. You love to hang out with your cool peers and do all the dumb ‘cool’ stuff that those do, no questions asked. It could be drinking on the campus or even drugs but of course with your mind feverishly repeating “Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh CRAAAAPPPPP!!!!”
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12. Tequilla Shots

The ‘Flirt Wagon’ Tequila Fixer

Life is too short to not be dancing away at a night club (every single night) and to not be flirting with every f**king single you come across. And when the shots are on them, that what makes Tequila even more desirable.
What Does Your Favourite Drink Say About You
image source/ Yash Raj Films

13. Wine

The ‘Needy To Look Classy’ Wine Wringer

It is for those who love to look absolutely fabulous and let their wine, even though the cheapest one on the menu, speak of their class. You are someone who buys intellectually stimulating and highly important looking books only to display on your bookshelf but never read them and talk about deep artsy movies after reading their critic reviews online.
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