5 Signs You’re Definitely NOT On A Date

How do you tell if you’re on a date or just hanging out?
We asked Twitter and got everyone talking about when is a date ‘not a date’. These five #ItsNotADateIf signs are totally hard to miss!

1)    When her NOM NOM NOM does all the talking!

Fancy restaurant. Delicious food. And yeah, that’s about it! Twitter user @Bollywoodarian believes #ItsNotADateIf she’s more interested in the food than she is in your conversation.

2)   When his eyes are here, there, everywhere but on YOU!

Alright, he looked once. There goes another glance. Now, he’s just staring. @iShilpa_ says #ItsNotADateIf he’s more interested in looking at someone sitting on the next table!

If she keeps on checking out her Twitter, you’re clearly not the top trending topic on her mind! Sorry, bro. #EpicFail

4)    When you’re friend-zoned in 3..2..1 secs!

If she meets you with a friendly handshake or starts fist-bumping you, you know you’re not going to get out of that ‘Friendzone’! #ItsNotADateIf this happens, says @LilMissDoubtful.

5)    When  his wallet plays Hide and Seek…

Good hair day, nails done, beautiful restaurant, delicious food – all the makings of a perfect ‘date’! Till the point where he just “forgot” to pay for it. #ItsNotADateIf someone pretends that they forgot their wallet, says Twitter user @Phantom_Delight!

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