Which Sticker Are You This Valentine’s Day?

So your friend’s just texted that he’s got a new job. You congratulate him and pepper this with sparkles, cakes, flowers, gifts and a dancing girl emoji, all in one sentence.
You check your phone. 4 missed calls from Mom and 12 text messages containing every possible angry emoticon, thunder, lightning bolts, knives and water (tears?). You quickly apologize with an innocent dog and monkey emoticon. Surprisingly, it works and the parental unit is at peace now that you are alive.
That’s how emojis and stickers have conquered the virtual world. I confess, I’m that kind of texter who’ll send emojis more than words during a conversation. The artsy form of emoticons, stickers are the newest way to spice up a conversation. It’s delightful to see how brands in India have adapted to stickers.
Chatting on a dating app is admittedly more difficult than any other messaging app. Especially when it comes to breaking the ice. Expressing your emotions becomes easier with stickers, who do all the talking for you. Especially on the event of Valentine’s Day, for all those who want to UnSingle! Check out what the awesome folks at TrulyMadly brought for you:
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emoticon-02-02  fb_-02
IMG_20160209_144012  IMG_20160209_144051
Hike’s fun stickers take conversations to another level with their dramatic take on various emotions. If you are crushing on someone, fire up the Hike messenger and pick any flirtatious dialogue to send across! With their intuitive sticker suggestions, it hardly takes milliseconds to find the perfect emoticon for the moment. So, this Valentine’s Day, send some love her way through Hike stickers!
bobble1  bobble2
All you need is exceptional selfie taking skills to use this app. Create your own comic story with your face playing the lead role depicting different emotions based on your mood. You can share your Bobble stickers on WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Google Hangouts. Do try out their ‘on the fly’ feature where you simply have to type the words and let Bobble do its magic on creating a graphic based on the sentiments of the message! Now you know where to get your special Valentine’s Day dedication from!
Everyone’s used the desi street lingo stickers on Facebook messenger, right? Well, that’s the Chumbak classic expression sheet! If ‘Louve is coming’ or you ‘wanna fraandship’ that cute girl, you know where to look! Beware, there’s also a Mummy and nosey aunty in the house to keep an eye on you two.
All ya singles, UnSingle this Valentine’s Day!

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