10 Reasons Why You Must Date A Guy Who’s An MBA

An MBA guy is so much more than just competitor analysis and market strategies. He is somebody with a keen sense of practicality, great communication skills and innovative personality. And before this article turns into that guy’s CV and bores you into closing it, here is the statement of purpose… Oops! Here are 10 reasons why you must definitely date a guy who’s an MBA.
1. If you can’t fall asleep and need to talk to him be it anything or nothing at all, count on him for picking up your call even at 2 in the night.
The night long studies make sure he is as sleepless as you are.
image source/ Excel Entertainment
2. You will always have a proud smile on your face and enjoy the admiration and accolades from your friends whenever you tell them about your achiever beau.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
3. The guy will always look good and smell fantastic. One of the best things of the well groomed MBA person.
image source
4. You will have an excellent bargainer on your side to get you even the overpriced Louis Vuitton bag reasonably enough.
Yes, even if it’s a no bargain store. Just let him get his expert negotiating talk flowing.
image source/ Eros International
5. But it’s not that you have to worry about the price though. Mr. Money Bags will take care of all that with the six figure paycheck he gets each month.
PVR Pictures- Anil Kapoor Films Company- AD Entertainment Ltd.- Eros International
6. This is one of the solid reasons why you should date him in first place. Oh no no I’m telling you to be a greedy pig but a good job and financial security is what will get your folks’ approval in the first attempt.
Yash Raj Films
7. As for you, rejoice in the fact that he will always be loving and thoughtful.
The scarcity of the females in the B-school ensured he practised his chivalry well. All to give a fierce competition to win a date from the handful of options available.
image source
8. With him being a management student you don’t have to feel the pressure of being the home manager yourself if you plan to tie the knot with him.
He’ll take care of all those needs.
Yash Raj Films
9. He believes in planning ahead so you can relax and let him take the pains to secure your future.
He knows his way to the best possible deal from the least put in resources.
image source/ Yash Raj Films
10. With the high aiming guy by your side, be prepared to live your dream of travelling the world.
He will take you places as the ambitious man takes on the global assignments.
Yash Raj Films/ Featured image source  avnishdhoundiyal.com
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