Why Women Can’t Resist Bad Boys

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“You only accept the love you think you deserve”-Perks of Being a Wallflower
Women, for eons now have always been attracted towards the ‘bad boys’; the ‘not-so-nice men’ who make their toes tingle and their hearts skip beats. What is it that makes these ‘bad boys’ tick? Yes, they sure can charm the daylights out of everyone around them, from your gardener to your cat, but there is more to them than just witty repartee.
Bad boys are the forbidden fruit that the nervous Eve in us runs after. They are unavailable and unachievable. So a text from them which reads “Hey sugar! Free tonight?” makes us feel like Christmas has come early! We are denied so much that what we eventually do receive, feels like a lot!
These bad boys hit upon that one sensitive and vulnerable side that we all try to hide behind our strong, independent and happy-go-lucky exterior. It is only natural to have moments of self-doubt but letting those moments tell us that we don’t deserve better, is what causes us girls to migrate towards bad boys like toddlers in an icecream store.
And finally the thrill of it!! Oh who can deny the surge of adrenaline as you sneak out of your balcony at 3 in the night straight into the arms… err… front seat of a bad boy? They are the rule-breakers and the risk takers. They send us into a tizzy by just being around us! They are everything that our moms and crores of listicles have told us not to do. The forbidden territory that we shouldn’t tread upon. When there are loud, agonizing “NO” alarms ringing from every corner, how can the wolf resist the sheep? Oh wait! In this case it’s the other way round if these bad boys are to be the big bad wolves!
So listen up girls! Bad boys will come and go and heart will break and heal! It is what we discover in ourselves in this process that will make us the women we are tomorrow! Go with the flow and make good choices. Just wait and see where life takes you and till then, just enjoy the ride!
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