‘Will you go out with me?’- Women can ask men out too!

This is a guest post by one of our favourite young men, Dhruv Raj Gupta. He’s a start-up whiz and just got funding for his venture ‘SeekSherpa’. Dhruv knows a fair bit about women and has very graciously chosen to let us in on some of the secrets that men hide when faced by a potential ‘wound’ by Cupid’s arrow.
Style #1 – Outrageous
Nikita – Hey cutie, *winks, walks up close*, you wanna go do the disco with me?
Nikhil – *Baffled, astonished, and feeling cocky* Sure, but you gotta buy my drinks. *winks*
Lesson – Play to the boy’s ego, if he’s feeling too manly *moustache/heavy beard + gruff accent*, don’t ask him out, instead talk about home and his mother. If he’s shy, probe him like above!
Style #2 – From the movies!
Nikita – Hey, you! There, in the corner, shall we?
Nikhil – Who me? *hoping she says yes*. Where to?
Nikita – How about we crash the 11 PM show? Maybe if things go well, we can make this a habit? *winks*
Lesson – Every guy wants to be asked out, just too shy to admit, if you think you’re into him, give it a shot, be a little bold with a movie one liner to get over the awkwardness in case it crashes!
Style #3 – Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Nikita – Listen no, I really think we shouldn’t be just friends…<3
Nikhil – Huh?…..
Nikita – I mean, coming to think of it, we’re always chatting, about so much…<3
Nikhil – What’s that funny symbol you end convos with?
Nikita – Oh..it’s love.
Nikhil – *Faints*
Lesson – Don’t be scared to punch in your feelings bluntly, tell him what’s going on, ask him to take you out before he’s out!
Style #4 – Done and done!
On the phone
Nikita – Will you go out with me?
Nikhil – Sure…let me think actually, let me ask my parents first…
Nikita – *Awed and confused* your parents?
Nikhil – Yes, I tell them everything..
Nikita – ……………….
Lesson – Boys tell their moms everything, period. Trying to ask him out, do it face to face, phone calls hide so much emotion!
Style #5 – Is this a date?
Nikhil and Nikita have been seeing each other for a while, going for movies, coffees, lunches, walks etc.
Nikita – So, you wanna be my boyfriend or what?
Nikhil – *foolish grin* – K, think we should make it public now..
Nikita – Whoa whoa whoa, who said anything about making it public? We have to wait for that..
Lesson – Dudes love telling the world, if he wants to talk about you, what’s the harm? 😛
Hope you go out (pun not intended), ask that interesting person whom you met the other day, out on a date, don’t be shy, we’ve all goofed up!
– More in a fortnight!
Dhruv Raj Gupta
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