Your Very First Date With An NRI

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Grew up in the ‘kangaroo land’, Australia, kickstarted my career in  the ‘city that never sleeps’, New York, and began my dating chapter right here in the ‘city of dreams’, Mumbai! *Mouth zipped*, I’m not spilling out any names here. Oh well, some of my rookie dates when I was back in India went charmingly well and some… err nevermind!  Guys, without being Miss Preachy, I’d like to share some quick tips with you folks about  your first dates with someone who’s back from the 7 seas.
Get rid of Fake Accent Syndrome: You know what I am hinting at :p. It’s silly to present a different version of yourself by faking an accent to ‘impress your date’. It’s a colossal turn off! Not only will your date cringe at the sound of your words, they might also think you’re kinda imitating them. And trust me guys, this kind of imitation is not at all flattering.
The what, how, why  : Of course, you’re very interested to know what your NRI date is all about. The right questions on your first date can make the sparks fly and the wrong ones can set a fire, like these:
“Have you/why haven’t you applied for a permanent residency abroad?” (super intrusive)
“Hey! Are you earning more or less in India?”    (Whoa! Are you my accountant? )
“Do you think Indian men are better in the sack?” (Uff!)
Remember, it’s a date, not an investigation. Keep the questions light and interesting!
The true taste of India : Ditch the regular pasta or pizza joint and go for something shuddh desi. Introduce your date to the the heart of the streets- like golgappa and everything droolicious! These mouth-watering delights give a real flavor of India are sure to wow them over. P.S: They’ll forever be in your debt for opening their world to the desi awesomeness.
Lean and…??: Do keep in mind, just because your date has lived in a ‘foreign land’ doesn’t mean they will be very all ‘cool’ with kissing on a first date. Guess their mood, read their lips and you know what’s the right thing to do!
Different strokes: There are a zillion things you can learn from each other’s company. From music, movies, sports to even politics,  every topic is an opportunity to discover more and to celebrate the differences. The colorful cultural exchange of knowledge and experience makes every date worth reminiscing.
Now with all the quick tips, I hope your first dates turn out to be the best ones 😉
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